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“Butterfly Pavilion” is to open on Macau, China

Community and ForumBlog“Butterfly Pavilion” is to open on Macau, China

Lev Bely, 28.04.2012 21:04

“The Magic of Butterfly Reinvention at MGM” is the first butterfly exhibition on Macau, China, to open on May, 16th in a new “Butterfly Pavilion” built at the MGM Macau resort. During the next six months the exhibition will be displaying 100 species of about 1000 alive butterflies. The exhibition space was arranged together with Stephen Stefanou, a well-known American interior designer — not only the very “Butterfly Pavilion” worth seeing, but also the peripheral décor as to big pinwheel trees or willow-vine sculptures.

The pavilion which is 26ft in diameter and 21ft height placed in the very middle of the Grande Praça plaza. The floor is covered with green organic wheatgrass and no less, since this will house best butterflies and moths from all over the world: China, Malaysia, Africa, South America, to name but a few. The eco-friendly, dome-shaped pavilion construction is based on Buckminster Fuller's works, a famous American inventor and architect who is known for his geodesic dome designs. Exhibition visitors will be also amused with animated butterflies fluttering on 60 iPad screens that fixed inside the pavilion. As organizers say, it should “enhance the visual experience”. Custom made willow-vine sculptures by a British artist Tom Hare are to emphasize more “the reinvention of nature”.

The exhibition was assisted with Dr. Victor Yun Wu’s cooperation, a lepidopterist who presents China at butterfly conferences worldwide. Victor Yun Wu developed and now uses special techniques in artificial breeding of butterflies.

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Photo: the exhibition preparation at the MGM Macau Grande Praça,

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29.08.2012 21:52, Lev Bely

Over 200,000 people visited “The Magic of Butterfly Reinvention at MGM” exhibition since its opening in May, The Macau Daily Times reports sourced from the gaming operator. There was presented a rarest gynandromorph swallowtail, the emergence rate of which is 1 in 6 million. Butterfly pavilion also provided excursions for many local communities and institutions including schools, kindergartens, educational centres, colleges, charity and community organizations. There is a photo contest “Waltzing with Butterflies” going along, with a new theme for each month.
A short look back at “The Magic of Butterfly Reinvention at MGM” exhibition:

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