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Butterfly House The Panhandle Butterfly House in Florida (USA) invites volunteers

Community and ForumBlogButterfly House The Panhandle Butterfly House in Florida (USA) invites volunteers

Lev Bely, 26.05.2012 16:17

The Butterfly House The Panhandle Butterfly House in Florida, USA, 24 May opened the new season. Butterflies are in abundance, but the guides do not suffice. Volunteers are needed to conduct tours and educational programs for visitors to the House of butterflies.

«Today we have only half of the tour guides, and for the normal operation of the House of butterflies need twice as much." - Says Peggy Gray, chairman of the House of butterflies, one week before the opening of the new season.

This year, the opening of the Butterfly House was adjourned, and all because of the lack of hands: it took time to find and train people.In mid-May the work was ready to begin 8 out of 10 people, while the need for about 20 guides.

«The main building and the gardens are ready to receive visitors. - Says Gray. - We just need a little more than people who are happy to pay a little attention to guests and tell them about the butterflies. "

The Butterfly House in Florida was inaugurated in 1997 with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre (FL) and "professional gardeners Florida» (Florida Master Gardeners), as well as other business and non-profit communities. Last year, the Butterfly House was visited by 15,000 people from 46 states and 15 countries.

Guides show visitors a vivarium with butterflies, share interesting facts about the species and habitats, fodder plants and butterflies life in nature. Lecturers attend mandatory training sessions where they are taught how to present information and to talk about butterflies.

«Most of the educational programs that are guides, held in a vivarium or outside, at the stands with butterflies." - Says Gray.

All the butterflies here - local."We have collected only those butterflies, which can be seen in these places that the children who come to our house, could visit us when to look for them in nature or in the yard of his home».

Life Butterfly House is largely supported by volunteers, sponsors and guides. "We've got a lot of fun - said Gray.- People working here and get great pleasure ».

16-year-old Corrine Pereira in his spare time from school happy to help House of butterflies. In addition to her three other guides here-school students who work as volunteers in the summer. "I've been here a few times and I really liked butterflies. - Corrine says.- That's cool! Butterflies incredible, and the children who come here, too. They are all very quickly grasp ».

According to the materials The Pensacola News Journal, http://www.pnj.com

Photo: Garden Butterfly House Panhandle Butterfly House, http: //www.panhandlebutterflyhouse.org

Butterflies of North Florida:

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