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Photo #21544: Nymphalis xanthomelas


Nymphalis xanthomelas

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo: Anatoliy Kuzmin. Image without retouching at the website. Identified by: Igor Sakhno

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2013-03-21 13:16:33, Ростовская обл. Неклиновский район. Село Николаевка, на дороге.

Comments on this image

28.03.2013 16:08, Alex Dumchus

Last year here in Rostov region we got lots of both species, in the beginning of June it was N. polychloros, then at the end of June was N. xanthomelas, and a week ago I saw a couple of polychloros just before the snow.

28.03.2013 15:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Naah... don't hunt them. Would do N. polychloros, they have clearly decreased in my hood. Good, that one is not red-listed :)

28.03.2013 14:48, Peter Khramov

Vasily, don't even think of hunt! Will go to jail!))

28.03.2013 14:19, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Soon (as the snow melts away) we can see these red-listed "glammy jackets" in large masses:)

28.03.2013 0:31, Peter Khramov

Yeah, just a bit ragged.

27.03.2013 20:39, Lev Bely

Glammy jacket:)

23.03.2013 17:04, Anatoliy Kuzmin

I mean the flight time, not the shot date. Read in full there: http://lepidoptera.pro/taxonomy/8616.

23.03.2013 16:58, Peter Khramov

Anatoly, if you meant the shot date, it can be changed in your personal account in the section "Uploaded images".
Note to all: that bug concerning large size (pix) photos is fixed, now you may freely upload 3000х3000 pics (just not hundred at a time, ok?).

23.03.2013 16:50, Anatoliy Kuzmin

I was wrong before about the species, adding flight time and colours, I should have specified flight time, that was the bug caused by the pic size 3000х3000.

23.03.2013 16:39, Peter Khramov

Right. Now it's ok.

23.03.2013 16:11, Peter Khramov

That was the inner website bug. Anatoly's reuploading the pic now and after that we'll move the comments to the latest pic version.

23.03.2013 2:28, Eugene Karolinskiy

Why, it's instead Nymphalis xanthomelas! ;) And I clearly see where it's lost, flew to Nizhny Novgorod at feet to that glammy "jacket" and further to the Butterfly House.... :)))

23.03.2013 1:28, Yuri Semejkin

Neither can I see. It's in the section "Photo Gallery updates" but not here.

22.03.2013 22:30, Irina Nikulina

It was here... lost somewhere) I thought it's only my bug again)

22.03.2013 22:19, Peter Khramov

Where's the pic gone? Was it originally medium size or some bug?

22.03.2013 21:50, Alexandr Zhakov


22.03.2013 20:58, Igor Sakhno

Isn't this N. xanthomelas?

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