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Tribe Phycitini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Pyralidae subfamily Phycitinae → tribe Phycitini



Daughter taxa

Genera: 184 (55 illustrated). Subgenera: 13 (0 illustrated). Species.

Abareia Whalley, 1970 [genus]

Abareia amaurodes

Acrobasis (Zeller, 1839) [genus]

Acrobasis advenella, Acrobasis africanella, Acrobasis aicha, Acrobasis alexandra, Acrobasis amplexella, Acrobasis angusella, Acrobasis atrisquamella, Acrobasis aurorella, Acrobasis betulella, Acrobasis betulivorella, Acrobasis birgitella, Acrobasis bithynella, Acrobasis blanchardorum, Acrobasis caribbeana, Acrobasis carpinivorella, Acrobasis caryae, Acrobasis caryalbella, Acrobasis caryivorella, Acrobasis caulivorella, Acrobasis celticola, Acrobasis centunculella, Acrobasis cirroferella, Acrobasis comptella, Acrobasis comptoniella, Acrobasis consociella, Acrobasis coryliella, Acrobasis cunulae, Acrobasis curvella, Acrobasis cymindella, Acrobasis cynicella, Acrobasis demotella, Acrobasis dharma, Acrobasis diversicolor, Acrobasis dulcella, Acrobasis elyi, Acrobasis encaustella, Acrobasis epaxia, Acrobasis epicrociella, Acrobasis ereboscopa, Acrobasis eva, Acrobasis evanescentella, Acrobasis exsulella, Acrobasis fallouella, Acrobasis flavifasciella, Acrobasis foroiuliensis, Acrobasis frankella, Acrobasis glaucella, Acrobasis homoeosomidia, Acrobasis indigenella, Acrobasis injunctella, Acrobasis irrubriella, Acrobasis juglandis, Acrobasis juglanivorella, Acrobasis kearfottella, Acrobasis klimeschi, Acrobasis kylesi, Acrobasis latifasciella, Acrobasis legatea, Acrobasis marmorea, Acrobasis mienshani, Acrobasis minimella, Acrobasis mniaropis, Acrobasis modisequa, Acrobasis nigribasalis, Acrobasis niveicinctella, Acrobasis normella, Acrobasis nuxvorella, Acrobasis obliqua, Acrobasis obrutella, Acrobasis obtusella, Acrobasis olivalis, Acrobasis ostryella, Acrobasis palliolella, Acrobasis pirivorella, Acrobasis porphyrella, Acrobasis ptilophanes, Acrobasis pumilella, Acrobasis regina, Acrobasis repandana, Acrobasis romanella, Acrobasis rubrifasciella, Acrobasis rufdimbalis, Acrobasis rufilimbalis, Acrobasis rufizonella, Acrobasis sarcothorax, Acrobasis scabrilineella, Acrobasis sodalella, Acrobasis squalidella, Acrobasis stigmella, Acrobasis suavella, Acrobasis susanna, Acrobasis sylviella, Acrobasis texana, Acrobasis tokiella, Acrobasis tricolorella, Acrobasis trigonalis, Acrobasis tumidana, Acrobasis vaccinii, Acrobasis vinaceellum, Acrobasis xanthogramma, Acrobasis zacharias, Acrobasis zyziphella

Alophia (Ragonot, 1893) [genus]

Alophia combustella

Amphithrix (Ragonot, 1893) [genus]

Amphithrix sublineatella

Amyelois (Amsel, 1956) [genus]

Amyelois transitella

Ancylosis (Zeller, 1839) [genus]

Ancylosis, Cabotia, Heterographis,
Ancylosis aeola, Ancylosis albicosta, Ancylosis albicostella, Ancylosis albidella, Ancylosis albipunctella, Ancylosis amictodes, Ancylosis ancylodella, Ancylosis anguinosella, Ancylosis arenaceella, Ancylosis arenosella, Ancylosis argentescens, Ancylosis arianella, Ancylosis arimanella, Ancylosis aspilatella, Ancylosis atrisparsella, Ancylosis bedoella, Ancylosis biflexella, Ancylosis bohemani, Ancylosis bonhoti, Ancylosis boursinella, Ancylosis brunneella, Ancylosis brunneonervella, Ancylosis buckwellella, Ancylosis calcariella, Ancylosis candidatella, Ancylosis canella, Ancylosis capensis, Ancylosis carnibasalis, Ancylosis cinnamomeifascia, Ancylosis cinnamomella, Ancylosis citrinella, Ancylosis convergens, Ancylosis convexella, Ancylosis costistrigella, Ancylosis cretaceogrisea, Ancylosis cundajensis, Ancylosis decentella, Ancylosis deserticola, Ancylosis detersella, Ancylosis dryadella, Ancylosis euclastella, Ancylosis eugraphella, Ancylosis eurhoda, Ancylosis exiguella, Ancylosis externella, Ancylosis faustinella, Ancylosis fronticornella, Ancylosis fulvimarginella, Ancylosis fuscosparsella, Ancylosis geminella, Ancylosis glaphyria, Ancylosis gracilella, Ancylosis harmoniella, Ancylosis hecestella, Ancylosis hellenica, Ancylosis holozona, Ancylosis hosanna, Ancylosis ianthemis, Ancylosis imitella, Ancylosis inangulella, Ancylosis insularella, Ancylosis interjectella, Ancylosis iranella, Ancylosis karachiella, Ancylosis kazerunella, Ancylosis lacteicostella, Ancylosis latakiella, Ancylosis leucocephala, Ancylosis limoniella, Ancylosis luederitzella, Ancylosis maculifera, Ancylosis medioalba, Ancylosis melanophlebia, Ancylosis monella, Ancylosis mongoliella, Ancylosis montana, Ancylosis morbosella, Ancylosis morrisonella, Ancylosis muliebris, Ancylosis mysorella, Ancylosis namibiella, Ancylosis nervosella, Ancylosis nigripunctella, Ancylosis nigritarsea, Ancylosis nigronervella, Ancylosis niphicosta, Ancylosis niveicostella, Ancylosis nubeculella, Ancylosis oblitella, Ancylosis ocellella, Ancylosis ochracea, Ancylosis ochricostella, Ancylosis octella, Ancylosis pakistanella, Ancylosis pallida, Ancylosis pallidimarginalis, Ancylosis partitella, Ancylosis pectinatella, Ancylosis perfervida, Ancylosis pilosella, Ancylosis platynephes, Ancylosis plumbatella, Ancylosis proniphea, Ancylosis pseudocandidatella, Ancylosis pygmaeella, Ancylosis pyrethrella, Ancylosis resticula, Ancylosis rhodochrella, Ancylosis rhythmatica, Ancylosis roscidella, Ancylosis rufifasciella, Ancylosis rufomixtella, Ancylosis sabulosella, Ancylosis samaritanella, Ancylosis sareptalla, Ancylosis sareptella, Ancylosis schini, Ancylosis semidiscella, Ancylosis similis, Ancylosis singhalella, Ancylosis smeczella, Ancylosis soederbomi, Ancylosis subpyrethrella, Ancylosis sulcatella, Ancylosis syriopsidis, Ancylosis syrtella, Ancylosis terpnella, Ancylosis thiosticha, Ancylosis transcaspica, Ancylosis trilineatella, Ancylosis tripunctella, Ancylosis ulmiarrosorella, Ancylosis umbrilimbella, Ancylosis uncinatella, Ancylosis undulatella, Ancylosis ustocapitella, Ancylosis velessa, Ancylosis versicolorella, Ancylosis vittatella, Ancylosis xylinella, Ancylosis yerburii

Arcola Shaffer, 1995 [genus]

Arcola malloi

Auxacia Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Auxacia bilineella

Denticera (Amsel, 1961) [genus]

Denticera divisella

Dioryctria (Zeller, 1846) [genus]

Dioryctria abietella, Dioryctria adamsi, Dioryctria albovittella, Dioryctria amatella, Dioryctria assamensis, Dioryctria aulloi, Dioryctria auranticella, Dioryctria banksiella, Dioryctria batesella, Dioryctria baumhoferi, Dioryctria caesirufella, Dioryctria cambiicola, Dioryctria castanea, Dioryctria cibriani, Dioryctria clarioralis, Dioryctria contortella, Dioryctria disclusa, Dioryctria durangoensis, Dioryctria ebeli, Dioryctria erythropasa, Dioryctria gulosella, Dioryctria horneana, Dioryctria incertella, Dioryctria juniperella, Dioryctria kunmingnella, Dioryctria magnifica, Dioryctria majorella, Dioryctria martini, Dioryctria mendacella, Dioryctria merkeli, Dioryctria mongolicella, Dioryctria monticolella, Dioryctria nivaliensis, Dioryctria okanaganella, Dioryctria peltieri, Dioryctria pentictonella, Dioryctria peyerimhoffi, Dioryctria pineae, Dioryctria pinicolella, Dioryctria ponderosae, Dioryctria pryeri, Dioryctria pseudotsugella, Dioryctria pygmaeella, Dioryctria pygmasella, Dioryctria raoi, Dioryctria reniculelloides, Dioryctria resiniphila, Dioryctria resinosella, Dioryctria robiniella, Dioryctria rossi, Dioryctria rubella, Dioryctria schuetzeella, Dioryctria schutzeella, Dioryctria simplicella, Dioryctria stenopterella, Dioryctria subtracta, Dioryctria sylvestrella, Dioryctria symphoniella, Dioryctria sysstratiotes, Dioryctria taedae, Dioryctria taedivorella, Dioryctria taiella, Dioryctria teneriffella, Dioryctria tumicolella, Dioryctria yatesi, Dioryctria yiai, Dioryctria yuennanella, Dioryctria zimmermani, Dioryctria zimmermanni

Eccopisa (Zeller, 1848) [genus]

Eccopisa effractella

Ecnomoneura Turner, 1942 [genus]

Ecnomoneura sphaerotropha

Ectohomoeosoma (Roesler, 1965) [genus]

Ectohomoeosoma kasyellum

Encryphodes Turner, 1913 [genus]

Encryphodes aenictopa

Eremographa Meyrick, 1932 [genus]

Eremographa sebasmia

Euzophera (Zeller, 1867) [genus]

Euzophera albicostalis, Euzophera albipunctella, Euzophera alpherakyella, Euzophera anapalpis, Euzophera atuntsealis, Euzophera bigella, Euzophera cinerosella, Euzophera climosa, Euzophera cocciphaga, Euzophera comeella, Euzophera conquassata, Euzophera conquistador, Euzophera cornutella, Euzophera costivittella, Euzophera crassignatha, Euzophera crinita, Euzophera daedalella, Euzophera derbendicola, Euzophera eburnella, Euzophera egeriella, Euzophera empistocles, Euzophera eroica, Euzophera eureka, Euzophera fibigerella, Euzophera flagella, Euzophera flavicosta, Euzophera formosella, Euzophera fractilineella, Euzophera fuliginosella, Euzophera fumatella, Euzophera gais, Euzophera gobiella, Euzophera gypsatella, Euzophera habrella, Euzophera hemileuca, Euzophera hudeibella, Euzophera imperfectella, Euzophera intextella, Euzophera kabulella, Euzophera lactiflora, Euzophera longipennella, Euzophera luculentella, Euzophera lunulella, Euzophera mabes, Euzophera magnolialis, Euzophera mentaweinsis, Euzophera merangirensis, Euzophera mienshani, Euzophera minima, Euzophera neomeniella, Euzophera nessebarella, Euzophera nigricantella, Euzophera nigrolinea, Euzophera osseatella, Euzophera ostricolorella, Euzophera paghmanicola, Euzophera perticella, Euzophera pinguis, Euzophera postflavida, Euzophera prionacra, Euzophera pulchella, Euzophera putera, Euzophera rinmea, Euzophera rubricetella, Euzophera sagax, Euzophera scabrella, Euzophera semifuneralis, Euzophera sharmotana, Euzophera sogai, Euzophera sordidella, Euzophera speculum, Euzophera subarcuella, Euzophera subcribrella, Euzophera subnitidella, Euzophera termivelata, Euzophera tetragramma, Euzophera tintilla, Euzophera turdella, Euzophera ultimella, Euzophera umbrosella, Euzophera verrucicola, Euzophera villora, Euzophera vinnulella, Euzophera watanabei

Glyptoteles (Zeller, 1848) [genus]

Glyptoteles leucacrinella

Hansreisseria (Roesler, 1973) [genus]

Hansreisseria gilvescens

Hoeneodes Roesler, 1969 [genus]

Hoeneodes sinensis

Homoeosoma (Curtis, 1833) [genus]

Homoeosoma achroeella, Homoeosoma albescentella, Homoeosoma albescentellum, Homoeosoma albicosta, Homoeosoma albosparsa, Homoeosoma albostrigellum, Homoeosoma ammonastes, Homoeosoma anaspila, Homoeosoma anguliferella, Homoeosoma ardaloniphas, Homoeosoma asbenicola, Homoeosoma asylonnastes, Homoeosoma atechna, Homoeosoma basalis, Homoeosoma bilituralis, Homoeosoma bipunctella, Homoeosoma botydella, Homoeosoma calcella, Homoeosoma candefactella, Homoeosoma capsitanella, Homoeosoma cataphaea, Homoeosoma centrosticha, Homoeosoma cerochyta, Homoeosoma contracta, Homoeosoma creuzelae, Homoeosoma deceptorium, Homoeosoma deltaeparanensis, Homoeosoma discrebile, Homoeosoma electella, Homoeosoma electellum, Homoeosoma elongatella, Homoeosoma emendator, Homoeosoma ephestidiella, Homoeosoma eremophasma, Homoeosoma fornacella, Homoeosoma fuscella, Homoeosoma fuscifusella, Homoeosoma galactaula, Homoeosoma goliathella, Homoeosoma gravosellum, Homoeosoma griseipennella, Homoeosoma heinrichi, Homoeosoma hutunensis, Homoeosoma hypogypsa, Homoeosoma illuviella, Homoeosoma illuviellum, Homoeosoma imitator, Homoeosoma impressale, Homoeosoma impressalis, Homoeosoma incognitellum, Homoeosoma inornatella, Homoeosoma inornatellum, Homoeosoma inustella, Homoeosoma ischnopa, Homoeosoma largella, Homoeosoma lechriosema, Homoeosoma llanoi, Homoeosoma longiventrella, Homoeosoma masaiensis, Homoeosoma matsumurella, Homoeosoma melanosticta, Homoeosoma miguelensis, Homoeosoma nebulella, Homoeosoma nevadellum, Homoeosoma nigrimedialis, Homoeosoma nimbella, Homoeosoma obatricostella, Homoeosoma oslarellum, Homoeosoma oxycercus, Homoeosoma parvalbum, Homoeosoma pedionnastes, Homoeosoma pelosticta, Homoeosoma peregrinum, Homoeosoma personata, Homoeosoma phaeoboreas, Homoeosoma phaulopa, Homoeosoma picoensis, Homoeosoma privata, Homoeosoma punctistrigella, Homoeosoma sadhopullensis, Homoeosoma scopulella, Homoeosoma sinuella, Homoeosoma soaltheirellum, Homoeosoma spadicis, Homoeosoma stenopis, Homoeosoma stenotea, Homoeosoma straminea, Homoeosoma striatellum, Homoeosoma stypticella, Homoeosoma stypticellum, Homoeosoma symmicta, Homoeosoma tepida, Homoeosoma terminella, Homoeosoma unionella, Homoeosoma vagella, Homoeosoma yivoffi

Hulstia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Hulstia undulatella

Hyporatasa (Rebel, 1901) [genus]

Hyporatasa allotriella

Indomalayia Roesler & Küppers, 1979 [genus]

Indomalayia flabellifera, Indomalayia melanella

Klimeschiola (Roesler, 1965) [genus]

Klimeschiola philetella

Laodamia (Ragonot, 1888) [genus]

Laodamia faecella

Lymphia (Rebel, 1901) [genus]

Lymphia chalybella

Magiria Zeller, 1867 [genus]

Magiria imparella

Matilella (Leraut, 2001) [genus]

Matilella fusca

Medaniaria Roesler & Küppers, 1979 [genus]

Medaniaria adiacritis

Meyrickiella Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Meyrickiella homosema

Michaeliodes (Roesler, 1969) [genus]

Michaeliodes friesei

Monotonia Amsel, 1955 [genus]

Monotonia straminella

Nephopterix (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Nephopterix acrobasella, Nephopterix aenobapta, Nephopterix aeolusalis, Nephopterix albifascialis, Nephopterix albovariegata, Nephopterix alpigenella, Nephopterix angustella, Nephopterix ardekanella, Nephopterix ardesiifascia, Nephopterix argiadesalis, Nephopterix asbolalis, Nephopterix atribasalis, Nephopterix barteli, Nephopterix basilaris, Nephopterix basisignella, Nephopterix beharella, Nephopterix biareatella, Nephopterix bicolorella, Nephopterix bifasciella, Nephopterix bisra, Nephopterix bitinctella, Nephopterix calamalis, Nephopterix capnoessa, Nephopterix caradrinella, Nephopterix carneella, Nephopterix carteri, Nephopterix celtidella, Nephopterix ceratistes, Nephopterix chryserythra, Nephopterix cleopatrella, Nephopterix cometella, Nephopterix concineratella, Nephopterix cornutella, Nephopterix crassifasciella, Nephopterix cyllusalis, Nephopterix cynicella, Nephopterix dammersi, Nephopterix dasyptera, Nephopterix delassalis, Nephopterix delineatella, Nephopterix dubiosa, Nephopterix elegans, Nephopterix elegiella, Nephopterix emussitatella, Nephopterix ennychia, Nephopterix epicrypha, Nephopterix ereboscopa, Nephopterix eremnodes, Nephopterix etolusalis, Nephopterix eudaemonella, Nephopterix eustatica, Nephopterix exotica, Nephopterix exotypa, Nephopterix fernaldi, Nephopterix ferruginella, Nephopterix fumella, Nephopterix furella, Nephopterix fuscalis, Nephopterix fuscifrontella, Nephopterix geminella, Nephopterix gengisella, Nephopterix gilvibasella, Nephopterix griseofusa, Nephopterix griseola, Nephopterix habrostola, Nephopterix hades, Nephopterix hamatella, Nephopterix harpaxalis, Nephopterix hartigi, Nephopterix hastiferella, Nephopterix hemiargyralis, Nephopterix hemibaphes, Nephopterix hypocautella, Nephopterix immatura, Nephopterix imperialella, Nephopterix inconditella, Nephopterix insignella, Nephopterix intercisella, Nephopterix johannella, Nephopterix kosemponella, Nephopterix kraussi, Nephopterix lucipetella, Nephopterix macrocirtensis, Nephopterix maenamii, Nephopterix mancella, Nephopterix margarophanes, Nephopterix mediterranella, Nephopterix melanodeta, Nephopterix melanolopha, Nephopterix melanostyla, Nephopterix melanotaeniella, Nephopterix metamelana, Nephopterix metasarca, Nephopterix minimella, Nephopterix neglectalis, Nephopterix nepheloalis, Nephopterix nigerrimella, Nephopterix nigristriata, Nephopterix nigrostriatella, Nephopterix nocticolorella, Nephopterix nocturnella, Nephopterix obenbergeri, Nephopterix obscuribasella, Nephopterix ochribasalis, Nephopterix ochridorsalis, Nephopterix ochriplaga, Nephopterix ochrodorsella, Nephopterix ochromarginella, Nephopterix orphnanthes, Nephopterix orthozona, Nephopterix oxybiella, Nephopterix persarum, Nephopterix piratis, Nephopterix placoxantha, Nephopterix plumbeofusa, Nephopterix porphyrocapna, Nephopterix proximalis, Nephopterix quinqueella, Nephopterix rectangulella, Nephopterix rennellensis, Nephopterix rhodobasalis, Nephopterix rhyparella, Nephopterix rubescentella, Nephopterix rubicundella, Nephopterix rubralis, Nephopterix rubrisparsella, Nephopterix rubromixta, Nephopterix rungsella, Nephopterix scabida, Nephopterix shantungella, Nephopterix signella, Nephopterix signifera, Nephopterix strigivenata, Nephopterix subcaesiella, Nephopterix subfuscella, Nephopterix syntaractis, Nephopterix tarmitalis, Nephopterix termitalis, Nephopterix thermalopha, Nephopterix tomisawai, Nephopterix trinitatis, Nephopterix tumidella, Nephopterix uvinella, Nephopterix validella, Nephopterix variella, Nephopterix vetustella, Nephopterix virgatella

Neurotomia (Chretien, 1911) [genus]

Neurotomia coenulentella

Oxydisia Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Oxydisia hyperythrella

Pararotruda (Roesler, 1965) [genus]

Pararotruda nesiotica

Parasclerobia Roesler, 1971 [genus]

Parasclerobia pimatella

Parramatta Hampson in Ragonot, 1901 [genus]

Parramatta ensiferella, Parramatta taliella

Phycita (Curtis, 1828) [genus]

Phycita acericola, Phycita aceris, Phycita amygdali, Phycita angustatus, Phycita ardekanella, Phycita ardentia, Phycita arnoldella, Phycita asseclella, Phycita atrisquamella, Phycita attenuata, Phycita balutchistanella, Phycita basistrigata, Phycita caiella, Phycita cavifrons, Phycita cirrhodelta, Phycita clientella, Phycita clientulella, Phycita comeella, Phycita coronatella, Phycita definalis, Phycita deodaralis, Phycita diaphana, Phycita dinawa, Phycita endomelaena, Phycita epipalpella, Phycita eremica, Phycita erichbaueri, Phycita erythrolophia, Phycita eulepidella, Phycita exaggerata, Phycita gilvibasella, Phycita gloriosella, Phycita hemipexella, Phycita hemixanthella, Phycita hyrcanella, Phycita hyssarica, Phycita inscriptella, Phycita judaica, Phycita kruegeri, Phycita kurdistanella, Phycita lenitella, Phycita lugubris, Phycita luridella, Phycita luxorella, Phycita macrodontella, Phycita marilella, Phycita melanosticta, Phycita meliella, Phycita melongenae, Phycita metzneri, Phycita mianella, Phycita michaeli, Phycita nagaradja, Phycita nephodeella, Phycita nodicornella, Phycita ochralis, Phycita orthoclina, Phycita pachylepidella, Phycita pectenella, Phycita pectinicornella, Phycita pedisignella, Phycita phaeella, Phycita phoenicocraspis, Phycita pirizanella, Phycita poteriella, Phycita punctella, Phycita randensis, Phycita rectella, Phycita rhapta, Phycita rimini, Phycita roborella, Phycita salitella, Phycita singularis, Phycita spiculata, Phycita spissoterminata, Phycita steniella, Phycita strigata, Phycita suppenditata, Phycita taftanella, Phycita taiwanella, Phycita teheranella, Phycita torrenti, Phycita trachystola, Phycita transobliquella, Phycita umbratalis, Phycita vayu, Phycita venalbellus, Phycita zizyphella

Pseudacrobasis (Roesler, 1975) [genus]

Pseudacrobasis nankingella

Pseudophycita (Roesler, 1969) [genus]

Pseudophycita deformella

Ratasa (Herrich-Schaffer, 1849) [genus]

Ratasa alienalis, Ratasa noctualis, Ratasa tancrei

Salebriopsis (Hannemann, 1965) [genus]

Salebriopsis albicilla

Salinaria (Rebel, 1901) [genus]

Salinaria diffusella

Seeboldia (Ragonot, 1887) [genus]

Seeboldia korgosella

Sempronia Ragonot, 1888 [genus]

Sempronia stygella

Stanempista (Roesler, 1969) [genus]

Stanempista schawerdae

Stereobela Turner, 1905 [genus]

Stereobela leucomera

Sudaniola (Roesler, 1973) [genus]

Sudaniola remanella

Tucumania Dyar, 1925 [genus]

Tucumania tapiacola

Vietteia (Amsel, 1955) [genus]

Vietteia terstrigella

Phycitini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Phycitini sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Phycitini sp. Phycitini sp.


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