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About glitches, bugs, or other problems in the site

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Peter Khramov, 08.01.2011 14:14

Ladies and gentlemen, if you notice that the site is something does not work or does not work at all, shows not what you need, or shows something bad - please do not be lazy and clear message about this to my e-mail or in the section " The Community "at the site.If you find that everything is OK, and you are just something not understand - I will explain in detail, and if true errors in the site - try to quickly fix. It goes without saying, I test all sections of the site before they spread, but, as experience shows, fast track is not all the problems.


16.11.2013 21:06, Irina Nikulina

Peter, when viewing photos and and other photos of the two groups, the right column displays only photos from the group al. Type hidden photos.

16.11.2013 22:08, Peter Khramov

Yeah, I corrected.

16.11.2013 23:46, Shamil Murtazin
In general the pictures appear one of the photos of the group.

17.11.2013 21:50, Shamil Murtazin

When removing foty does not check it in groups. It can lead to bugs.
Example - photo # 25154 deleted, but it is in the group ph - (Also in this group: # 25156, # 25155, # 25154, # 25158)

17.11.2013 22:28, Shamil Murtazin

Paragraph Style in my same post ( after the second title has changed - the distance between the lines and probably the font size.

17.11.2013 22:41, Peter Khramov

I do not see any changes. In the paragraphs to normal paragraphs, calm, in the headlines - the usual for titles. Including and intervals.

18.11.2013 17:46, Shamil Murtazin

Try images ...
Gluck described above.

18.11.2013 17:46, Shamil Murtazin

Op-pa ... I Thought to be smaller thumbnails ... :(

25.11.2013 20:44, Shamil Murtazin

More photos about this moment (and probably related to the previous).
Select the photo, such as # 22918, for clarity. Increase by clicking on the picture and start flipping.
It seems to me, after the first pictures should go "More pictures from the same individual" (abbr. Foto_Osobi ), but the photos are from "Other photos of this species" (abbr. Foto_Vida ), moreover, in this case are not captured pictures before 9719 - it is the first that can be increase for this species.
Number of photos - 21 Why, if all 26 photos? (if the "hands" to count).The first four do not take into account (# 3611, # 3612, # 3974, # 5231) - 26-4 = 22
Not counted photo of Foto_Osobi (3 "minus" 1 viewing photos = 2) - 22-2 = 20
However, the first photo of the Foto_Osobi is present in the Foto_Vida - 20 + 1 = 21

P.S. If you watch the photo, is not tied to the group, there will be 22 photos (-4 "old-fashioned")
P.P.S. I hope I will not betray anathema then =)

30.11.2013 11:03, Alexandr Zhakov subgenus moths and photo scoops

04.12.2013 22:16, Peter Khramov

Isparvil of moths / shovel.

04.12.2013 22:39, Peter Khramov

Regarding example foty # 22918. Shamil foty who do not have a larger version, in which the increase is not taken into account. That was 21 - yes, it is a glitch, is now going to fly, I will now be 22. That is, 26 minus 4 foty that do not have large sizes. Ie everything is logical. Regarding the sort - it is now is just the time to download foty site.

04.12.2013 22:48, Peter Khramov

Regarding the image above and duplication of some photons from the same individuals in the "other kind of pictures" - he is now corrected. If you still find that like - I beg to report.

19.12.2013 19:35, Shamil Murtazin

A small "bug"
Open (until other such points are not found, but apparently they are).
On the right the panels direct the mouse on the bottom two photos (22875, 22903)
Tooltip appears near the mouse - it shows "Butterfly Photo # 22875 (type undefined)"
On the other fotah in this kind of all right - Ethmia bipunctella.

24.12.2013 20:31, Shamil Murtazin

Optimizing database query.
When you go to can not search the empty criteria. Then the server will not have the wool 77,000 species.
I do not know how this critical load, but there is a delay.

25.12.2013 22:16, Peter Khramov

Shamil, thanks for the comments. As for the pop-up labels - boom rule. As for the catalog - you need to output, otherwise the very comfort and understanding among the people will be less, but it worked so quickly - it will continue to optimize the ...

05.01.2014 20:43, Shamil Murtazin

Bug is not a bug ...
I do a search of all kinds in the South Ural region.
The issue of double the same form with a Russian name and without.
When you click on a link descriptions do not differ from each other.
(I hope the picture is inserted)

07.01.2014 23:13, Peter Khramov

Gluck, there is such a thing. Bum deal.

11.01.2014 15:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, I still today has caught this bug (previously seen, but did not catch). And that's when displaying "dead head" on the home page: photo black background instead. The browser Opera 12.16 (x64) is interesting: all of this?
Must-have poravilos:

11.01.2014 15:48, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Add to compare. What it looks like any other butterfly:

12.01.2014 14:04, Shamil Murtazin

Enjoying the view:
In the panels on the right:

While no one of these types of photos on the site do not. And on the page itself forms no photos. Mystic.

12.01.2014 14:22, Alexandr Zhakov

The genus moths Asthena same satyr in all windows.

12.01.2014 15:14, Shamil Murtazin

genus Acleris - the same ...

12.01.2014 15:15, Shamil Murtazin

It seems wherever there put this picture satyr ...

12.01.2014 22:45, Peter Khramov

Gluck with satire corrected.

12.01.2014 22:47, Peter Khramov

With black fotoy also corrected.

13.01.2014 2:39, Alexandr Zhakov

Satire back :(

13.01.2014 2:54, Peter Khramov

Removed. I will try in the near future finally poreshat this problem.

13.01.2014 8:08, Shamil Murtazin

I suggest that the "waste" of the bugs this topic or stored in the "archive", a topic just to clean.

19.01.2014 0:36, Peter Khramov

Further optimized the main page of the catalog, now, if not to impose the additional parameters, it flies just 1-2 seconds. And most importantly, too poduskoril also much nicer it is now open.

20.01.2014 14:12, Svetlana Shchavelina

# 26946: Trogonoptera trojana - see "More pictures from the same individual." Somewhere the author put down extra tick or bug?

21.01.2014 22:30, Peter Khramov

Yeah, I removed.

13.02.2014 9:21, Shamil Murtazin

Figures in the main do not match the numbers that gives the search.
For example species with a photo and the total number of species.

16.02.2014 1:13, Peter Khramov

There is such a thing. From section chudesatee miracles. But all right, I must just time for inspiration, on the forehead - for the time being in any way.

16.03.2014 1:12, Peter Khramov

I corrected chudesatee miracles, and now all the figures are the same. Sometimes, it may be that the gallery is written about illustrated more species than the homepage. This means that foty loaded and as illustrations are not yet checked. The situation is working, I constantly monitor and illustrate a new species.If, however, still some inconsistencies, it's a bug, and ask him to signal.

02.06.2014 23:14, Shamil Murtazin

Size of the archive to download (50 MB) is actually less. I do not know for what reasons.
Archive weights 46 kopecks meters loaded, then issued a message about the end of the response time (there may be a limit on the cache?), Ie, the server stops to keep the link and stupidly interrupted downloads and even an error does not return.Archive 16.5 MB gives error ngix - entity is too large
Only the archive at least 10 MB (or more precisely 9.72 MB) is swallowed. Plus the auto-detection is not working.
And the number of two - unpacking archives and adding files to the gallery there is a kind of strange, disordered way. Ie halyards have named Image01, Image02 ... and we get the order (spied): 03, 08, 02, 10 ... I do not see a series of ...something can not interpret ...
Thus, the work is much more complicated: grouped by name pictures are leaving and, at times, are not there. The size of the injected file of 10 MB suggests a maximum of 20 pictures, and in the middle - 10-12.
Can I do something?

03.06.2014 0:45, Peter Khramov

What a popular topic ...
ZY Shamil gruzani on a thread exchanger examples archives, I experiment with your files ...

03.06.2014 1:07, Shamil Murtazin

link was gone. there is no number six, do not look :)

03.06.2014 11:56, Shamil Murtazin

When you look at any photo in the group - 29407, 29403, etc.

extreme photo (29408) in the side of a menu is repeated twice.
Although, at the opening of the pictures 29408 everything is fine.

05.08.2014 21:08, Shamil Murtazin

and what pictures do not want to ship? .. ngix swears ...

05.08.2014 21:20, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I have the same thing on Opera: "500 Internal Server Error" writes (he wanted to load ......

05.08.2014 21:48, Peter Khramov

Gluck see the reason for looking.

06.08.2014 1:07, Peter Khramov

To undergo treatment.

06.08.2014 23:08, Shamil Murtazin

Not a bug, but the logic of the change.
When editing captions to photos. When signing in the field of the form.
Previously, he wrote of the species name, get out auto search - click on the desired row - the longest such string is inserted with the Latin and Russian names. Then he pressed the button "Apply" and photo appeared in a certain way.Now is not working.
Ie long line with Russian names to be determined.
It works correctly only Latin designation of the species, the two words. I tried a couple of pictures - more did not.

06.08.2014 23:09, Shamil Murtazin

ie Photos in the second case and appears uncertain, but a long string with Russian names in the properties of the photo in the view of spelled.

08.08.2014 0:44, Peter Khramov

Shamil yesterday / day before yesterday I fixed the floor thing. Check whether all OK.

10.08.2014 22:02, Shamil Murtazin

Hera lays out a bear - it worked.

16.08.2014 10:42, Shamil Murtazin

In the English version of the tape 14 with updates not updated (pardon the tautology =)

16.08.2014 12:48, Peter Khramov

In the English version only shows that perevedno automatically or manually. In the tape shows only the latest comments. Therefore, if kommntov were perevedny 5, and the last, the sixth, is not, in this case the tape will not be until the sixth is translated.

20.08.2014 19:20, Peter Khramov

Alexander, if there are glitches with the replacement of ph, write the steps, what you're doing, and what is impossible. And tell me, did it work before or do you never move did not work?

20.08.2014 20:37, Alex Dumchus

For pervyh- it had not worked!
1.Vykladyvayu photo
2. I find the number of old photos
3. LC in the new photo Old books picture for replacement.
4. As a result, the new photo is deleted, and the old and remains.

20.08.2014 21:59, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I add a fifth point: it is necessary to update the page with the old photo. And then all should stand in its place.
The system run-me personally: the very first. And it works well :) I have at least ....

21.08.2014 0:01, Peter Khramov

Alexander, I spent checking out of your Akka, all the rules. And Basil system is exactly the same as yours. I think we should all call and simultaneously do online. Come as a thread on the weekends these loans.

21.08.2014 8:29, Alex Dumchus

Basil. Please fifth point more: it means obnovit- exit the site, then enter or both? I have a page with the old photos do not come. I go to the BOS, watch old number and write the new. Then I clicked. All

21.08.2014 9:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And it is necessary to go to a page of an old photo and click the "refresh the page." Alexander, write what browser are using and I'll post a screenshot that it is necessary to click.

21.08.2014 10:17, Peter Khramov

Alexander, after "finally removed Library" and "old and remains", visit with old photographs (which "remained") and press there Ctrl + F5. You completely refresh the page along with a photo, and you will see that it is still overwritten.And the old showed you, because it is kept in the browser cache on your computer.

21.08.2014 11:20, Evgeny Komarov

On the page of the form Neptis philyra - is the title photo (top), but the type of photographs it is invisible - no it to the left!

21.08.2014 11:25, Evgeny Komarov

Aha! So that's it - this image shows another view: - Neptis philyroides. There it is. It is necessary to remove this image from the page Neptis philyra -!

21.08.2014 11:54, Alex Dumchus

Basil. I use Mozilla

21.08.2014 13:11, Vasiliy Feoktistov

In Mozilla Firefox 25.0.1 and under Win. 7 64 bit. button is called "Reload current page" and is right in the line where the address of the page (where I put the red daw).
So I have:

21.08.2014 13:55, Vasiliy Feoktistov

P.S. Refresh the current page in Firefox, you can also click if the so-called "hotkeys": F5 or Ctrl + R

22.08.2014 13:21, Evgeny Komarov

Peter! Again! Photo illustrates just two types - Neptis philyra - and - Neptis philyroides. A must illustrate only the last, according to the latest definition - Neptis philyroides.

07.10.2014 14:51, Peter Khramov

The last day or two could be glitches with the new load of information on the site and the work saytovoy mail. Now everything is OK, if someone has something does not work, try today.

04.02.2015 18:09, Alexander Belousov

Peter! Look for that problem. The collection of some specimens. in the gallery does not include the name of the species. Only the family is.

04.02.2015 20:14, Peter Khramov

Alexander, for example, a link ...

04.02.2015 21:06, Alexander Belousov

05.02.2015 15:04, Alexander Belousov

Something I tuplyu, I can not attach a picture!

08.03.2015 9:50, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Search does not work on the site. Ie where there are no fields to drive desired.

08.03.2015 10:25, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, do you have a glitch in the computer, I have everything and search for work.

08.03.2015 11:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Thank you, Alexander. Almost figured out thanks to your post ....
Strange phenomenon: Ad Muncher (cutting program for banners) why it began to take the search field of your resource and thus became his cut ... I had to disable the filtering for that site. Such changes are not good.
It is still pokumekat: because this did not exist before.

22.04.2015 20:44, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter already had such a bad time of loadingXestia c-nigrum, and now it turns out like this and downloadingSatyrium w-album. Types with a hyphen in the name are not downloaded to the form and loaded into uncertain due to the fact that the hyphen in the form of downloads otsutststvuet if ship "out of form":

And to the butterfly stood at this very place comes hyphen "hammer handles"
Turn to your problem, please)))

02.08.2015 0:27, Shamil Murtazin

Question on the tape yet. If extreme technical comments, the "trimmed" the tape has not see this photo. It is not quite logical, I think.

02.08.2015 16:42, Peter Khramov

The trimmed - is what?

02.08.2015 22:09, Shamil Murtazin

Cropped - is that with the parameter "hid = 1"

02.08.2015 22:51, Peter Khramov

Shamil, as it may appear at all? ..

02.08.2015 23:28, Shamil Murtazin

The reason for my "fi", I think, is clear? Come to think how to make ...
Maybe the parameter hid = 1 complicate the conclusion? I propose in this case, the output of the last non-technical comments, if any. If there is no (ie, all comments engineering) - completely hidden in this issue, or post a photo.

03.08.2015 19:27, Peter Khramov

Shamil, the cause is not clear. Explain in detail. It is possible to speed and on the phone (today will be active until midnight, and then turn into a pumpkin).

03.08.2015 22:57, Shamil Murtazin

Make no mistake. Here communicate, communicate comments under photos. These comments, of course, it is convenient to keep track of a single click in the "Last in the community" (
And here it comes, for example, snap photos to a form that is receive technical comments. And yet, in the "Last in the community" ( This photo no longer exists. Absolutely.It seems to me that it is not logical. Yes, you can see "all the comments in a row" (, but not all will find this hyperlink in the text and it is banal uncomfortable.
That's why I suggest:
in for photo output is not the last technical comments, if any. If there is no (i.e.all comments engineering) - completely hidden in this issue, or post a photo.
add. as there are sort by date and time of the comment or change of official information - even the "non-technical" comments will be properly sorted.

04.08.2015 0:27, Peter Khramov

Offhand - gimor. Bo to speed processing of all kinds of comments on one page need a clear sign of the "last". To implement your proposals will need another sign of "the last non-technical." At the same time the disappearance of branches after the transfer in its own logical transfer ends normally active discussion.Another thing is that, for example, you are interested in the fate of a particular photo. But it has to work at the level of subscriptions (such as all the comments for my ph, ph as well as that interest me (last selected manually)). That will be the case.
What do you think?

04.08.2015 1:31, Shamil Murtazin

Subscription generally does not use. Anyway, I watch all the events. They are not very much.
In general, to make a subscription - it must first get it somehow draw, ie click, and then open somehow different, not all events.
As for the "new" feature - it is the idea already is - a technical comment. You just have to invert the search condition.And can leave it at that. Just the usual writing of hotelok discharge, which are not difficult to do, but are pleasant and reduce the "energy".

04.08.2015 2:12, Peter Khramov

You just have to invert the search term
From here in more detail ...

15.08.2015 6:10, Alexander Belousov

Peter, once again updated the gallery buggy, is the date of 01.01.1970

15.08.2015 20:36, Peter Khramov

Thank corrected.

16.08.2015 19:22, Shamil Murtazin

Peter, and this is now a division into gallery already gone? .. Just choose a photo, and there is "the other pictures of this kind yet."

16.08.2015 20:14, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Shamil, in the next topic: (at the end) lies the answer: Trouble is that Peter will fix :)

18.08.2015 0:01, Shamil Murtazin

Question of photos (not to be written in parallel in the subject of binding to the genera and taxa).
For example, here's a photo: In the right window you can see only one more photo from the group. Although the transition toPhaselia kasyiphoto is still there.

18.08.2015 0:31, Peter Khramov

Exactly. There was a conflict with groups. To undergo treatment.

18.08.2015 0:40, Shamil Murtazin

Oh, in the "edit" now everything is smooth, no leaving. Thanks =)

18.08.2015 12:20, Shamil Murtazin

With formatting on the main too clever by half. If the photo in the upper left corner of the vertical orientation (width is less than the height), the Saturnia go up.

18.08.2015 13:18, Shamil Murtazin

With uploading the picture is not stored set value in the "Stages of development / sex" is reset to the imago.

18.08.2015 14:03, Shamil Murtazin

Still in editing it is not so simple turned out. I do not know why, but sometimes it turns out like this:

The assumption - the unit is slightly increased in height because of the text in the comments field.

26.08.2015 10:59, Shamil Murtazin

Today, not a link to the description of the species. Ie any reference to the typeХХХХХ

26.08.2015 12:54, Peter Khramov

Now all the rules.
ZY Before full transition to insects such cases are possible, but this is not the norm, as well, that are reporting.

01.09.2015 21:24, Fedor Ovechkin

Photos are not loaded, the page is created, and no pictures.

01.09.2015 21:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

So we have to wait. Transfer site business long. Especially if the site is big: What is essentially is.
No need to hurry. Logic dictates that we have to wait another until all the upheavals have been completed ..

02.09.2015 0:22, Peter Khramov

No, this is a glitch that needs to be treated, but offhand I do not see how. But I see, of course.

02.09.2015 2:32, Yuri Semejkin

You just have to relax and the solution will come! The site will wait, do not worry.

02.09.2015 15:07, Peter Khramov

The site could not be available during the last couple of hours. Now all the rules.

02.09.2015 15:20, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, we must in my LC remove the last two photos, which in fact is not: Photo # 42562 and # 42563 Photography.
They do not need - the file was intended to replace the photo, which has long been in the gallery.
Failed to load, and turned the pages, and hung in the LC.

02.09.2015 15:35, Peter Khramov

Basil, phantoms ph will be deleted after a deal with uploading your photos to the site.

02.09.2015 16:19, Peter Khramov

All is ready. Phantoms are removed, new pictures can be downloaded.

02.09.2015 16:54, Yuri Semejkin

What other snapshots. Detachments? I would like to see biooraznoobrazie.

02.09.2015 17:05, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yuri, because of the insects it does not go. We are talking about moving the site to a new hosting and arising in connection with these bugs.
Everything is still to come :)

02.09.2015 17:24, Yuri Semejkin


02.09.2015 18:04, Peter Khramov

At the latest, the insects go on the weekends. I will try before.

02.09.2015 18:10, Fedor Ovechkin

I also have a phantom - Photo # 33698 - delete please!

03.09.2015 22:17, Vasiliy Feoktistov

What nonsense is this?
I define this photo:, trying to move-not tolerated.
I am writing to comment and get it here:
Head spin already.

03.09.2015 22:44, Peter Khramov

Fedor removed. Basil, I think, just coincided and phot was taken as a phantom. About transfer of a species - try now if you will not, tell me where to transfer, I'll try and see what there is not.

03.09.2015 23:11, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Everything is fine.
They also were in the admin (4 photos) how Inachis io.
He pulled out and did not have to endure.

08.09.2015 12:05, Yuri Semejkin

Catalog regions do not work and explain to them. Or even done?

08.09.2015 14:11, Svetlana Shchavelina

On increasing fotah no copyright attached.

08.09.2015 23:59, Peter Khramov

Yes, about 70 ph copyrights have passed without large backups. Now for them stamped, all of the new machine will go all copyrights, as usual. Thanks for the tip.

09.09.2015 0:02, Peter Khramov

Regions and explanations recovered, now everything is OK.

10.09.2015 19:53, Irina Nikulina

Peter and the double dog is not working? Something did not work in the form of comments highlight. And the former (at least recently used) recovering disappeared.

13.09.2015 8:39, Alexandr Zhakov

It does not work in the sample directory. You can not search for old Comostola for 40 regions of Russia. the result of 0, and it is wrong.

13.09.2015 20:02, Shamil Murtazin

Button does not work under the photo - "edit photo data." Clicking on it opens and no pictures on the page.

13.09.2015 20:46, Peter Khramov

Fix button.
As for the region's 40 - I have shown one view. Normal?

13.09.2015 22:15, Shamil Murtazin

Search in a row fell off. Including when downloading and editing photos is not working. I could not find Soreus marginatus, although recently uploaded it imago.

13.09.2015 22:42, Shamil Murtazin

If the load point that will be loaded ZIP, and upload an image - does not swear, but simply "resets" the download page (probably loads, it is impossible to decompress and just clears downloaded without returning an error)

13.09.2015 23:32, Peter Khramov

I think you have Coreus With written in Russian, or something else like that. I copy-paste to your recording does not work, and if the dial again, all the rules. Check ...

13.09.2015 23:40, Shamil Murtazin

Yes it works. But the rest, Coranus, for example, and are not searched.

14.09.2015 0:14, Peter Khramov

So it is not in the database, and therefore not searched. One of these days there will be another update on the taxa.

14.09.2015 16:32, Alexey Makarov

Good afternoon, search does not work through the catalog. Search parameters: Country: Russia, taxon Papilionidae
You used the following selection parameters: Country / Region (Europe), Random taxon.
Selected species: Pages:
The species with the selected parameters found

14.09.2015 18:15, Peter Khramov

Alex, thanks for the tip, corrected.

14.09.2015 22:24, Shamil Murtazin

In the "open discussion" all dates - 01.01.1970. Gluck some ...

15.09.2015 10:44, Alexey Makarov

Good afternoon! Where disappeared Parnassius arcticus? If renamed Sachaia arctica then where are the pictures and description, which has been before.

15.09.2015 11:05, Alexey Makarov

Also sampled the parameters: Russia, Papilionidae misses Papilio maackii

15.09.2015 23:42, Peter Khramov

This is because of what is now out of sync sample of the countries and regions of Russia. The second operation is not correct. Ie if you need a sample of the Russian Federation, the results will be adequate, if you select all its regions, not just a country in the list (in the latter case will be output, mainly Europe).Accordingly, here and now, you can use the tips above, and for the future - yes, we will edit and synchronize.
In an open discussion, and P. arcticus - understand and see.

16.09.2015 12:02, Oleg Pekarsky

Do not load a comment to the genus Naarda.

17.09.2015 12:46, Shamil Murtazin

Funny happened. Butterfly is the same =)

17.09.2015 20:57, Ivan Tislenko

Uploaded Barid wormwood - for it online already allocated 5 taxa:

Moreover, none of the above does not match any Zine (where Panzer, 1794, nor makroidom (there Herbst, 1795 http: // macroid .ru / showgallery.php? cat = 28783)

17.09.2015 21:03, Ivan Tislenko

Another question - why some species in the description in the "System" shows all ranks from class to species, while others only Class-Family-Rod-type (eg,

17.09.2015 21:30, Ivan Tislenko

From the "authors" did not work at all links to photos and comments.
I've uploaded a few pictures, but in the "Authors" is not to score.

17.09.2015 21:34, Alexandr Zhakov

Class-squad-family-Rhode view - are the main taxa that are required to be in each species, all other taxa subsidiary. Can be if necessary, may not be. :)
In the above example, you glitch http: // / ru / taxonomy / 976,845, pressing family Cetoniidae, go all the high taxa: Insecta → subclass infraclass Pterygota → Neoptera → superorder Holometabola → squad Coleoptera → suborder Polyphaga → infraorder superfamily Scarabeiformia → Scarabaeoidea

17.09.2015 21:36, Alexandr Zhakov

Counter photographs is not working. :(

17.09.2015 21:48, Ivan Tislenko

I was embarrassed that my case was not one of the main taxa - Squad.

17.09.2015 23:50, Peter Khramov

With the addition of comments to leave - corrected. About Butterflies - it is spread in popularity not large enough to statistics (the counters are reset to zero when switching to insects).

18.09.2015 9:49, Ivan Tislenko

Upload a photo Curculio arborator - under a taxon reserved 2:

18.09.2015 10:04, Alexandr Zhakov

There's all kind of clumsy, there are 4 taxa with the same name, the authors completely, reducing the authors, without the author's different authors. Probably will have to manually merge the curators.

18.09.2015 10:14, Ivan Tislenko

I will be here to unsubscribe if even find duplicates. Looking issued all doubles - maybe on the machine they will be found and drain if the search to sort out all kinds of names without attribution.

20.09.2015 19:08, Vladimir Bryukhov

And what about the catalog? Trying to find your region Geometridae - pop up in the list of families are listed only on the letter "A". I tried through random taxon to find something - anything either betrays. Maybe I'm doing wrong? On no problems.

20.09.2015 20:28, Ivan Tislenko

It is necessary in any row pop-up list, and poked the down arrow or Page Down to navigate through it

20.09.2015 22:49, Vladimir Bryukhov

Thanks, helped.

20.09.2015 23:38, Peter Khramov

In general, families in the framework of insects, of course, so that this feature becomes maloaktualnym. Yet, while it is, note that the list has its own (separate from the browser window), the scroll bar. That's using it and you can scroll down.In addition, I remind you that if you move the focus to the list (for example, by simply clicking on any element of it), and start typing the letters of the desired name from the keyboard, the cursor will move to it. Ie press the P - the cursor will move directly to the first family of the letter R. If you immediately will gain further, it will move on. Iewill type Papil, the cursor will jump to the first P, then at Pa, then to the Pap, then at Papi, then on Papil.
This and other lists also works.

21.09.2015 5:58, Yuri Semejkin Another glitch. Instead underside butterflies appeared beetle.

21.09.2015 6:35, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And my Beetle, and the group I was with anyone they do not knit.
There have been downloaded 3 different specimens collected at different times.

21.09.2015 6:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

NB. This bug corrected on its own.
Still wondering why it happened.

21.09.2015 15:05, Ivan Tislenko

Upload photos morning cows. All is normal, while the two-point ladybugs on the description page photos do not appear (on the right side there is a photo). When searching for the specified herewith. Coccinellidae marked "Only species with the photo" shows all ladybugs than this. 3 hours after the load has already passed.

21.09.2015 15:57, Irina Nikulina

Ivan, photos at the species description pages does not appear automatically, manually set the two men - either Peter or me. And we do it occasionally when I have time free from primary activity) So "3 hours after loading" play no role.I did this morning has illustrated all kinds of wonderful photos of your cows, but one species of which you are writing. There are different pictures.I'm not an expert in Coccinellidae and decided later, when there will be time to ask you about them - what better illustrate the type of photo? This variability or as sexual dimorphism?Here I ask) and will not worry if illustration pages species is delayed, it is due only to the presence of Peter I and the time available for the site. I try to do it every day. But with the transition to the site work on illustrating increased significantly - in the morning has illustrated 16 species, and now has come - and still hang in the LC 12)

21.09.2015 16:23, Ivan Tislenko

Ah, now I realized. I'm not an expert, but that ladybugs are two main forms - red and black (not sexual dimorphism). I'm new here - I understand that in the description page of the form there are two photos - then can one black and one red. Red, like, more common, so we can deliver basic red.

21.09.2015 16:35, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I confirmed and I hope my confirmation will be enough. This kind of know almost all people who have at-least superficial approach to the beetles in particular due to its intraspecific variation.
A truly professional with a capital of ladybirds Ukrainian Andrei died in Moscow just over a year ago: http: // / Animalia / Coleoptera / rus / as_ukrop.htm
The bright memory of him ...
Forgive me, Lord, for what is necessary to remember him for the second time on the day of ((

21.09.2015 16:44, Irina Nikulina

I did not need to validate the definition, I saw a page of Ivan in Zina. The question was in another, and forgive me, that was not included in a large group of knowledgeable features of this type of people. Photos delivered, Ivan.

21.09.2015 17:00, Ivan Tislenko

Yeah, already I looked. Thank you, Irina! With the rapid expansion of the site - from butterflies to all insects work, you will be added.

30.09.2015 0:16, Irina Nikulina

Peter, you come to the page of any kind, and does not affect the right of a list of other species.

30.09.2015 20:52, Shamil Murtazin

In the transition from the "Edit" on the page of the form - you get to the "English" version of the site.

30.09.2015 22:27, Peter Khramov

Irina, thanks for the tip, corrected.
Shamil, I do not see this - everything is fine refunded. Try one more time to check if the bug will have to call up and check together.

30.09.2015 22:30, Shamil Murtazin

There are of course, do not just write ...

01.10.2015 1:17, Peter Khramov

Ok, we call each other.

01.10.2015 8:16, Shamil Murtazin

It is necessary to enter the site, click on the "Editing", and then click on the link under the photo on the page in any kind - as a result of the link works correctly, open the required form, but in the "English-speaking" form.

01.10.2015 8:40, Evgeny Komarov

The same is true if in the Search box to enter any taxon. Tucson is located, but in the English version.

01.10.2015 11:27, Peter Khramov

Shamil, now realized. I thought it was you from editing the data on the type, rather than fotah. This thing corrected, and now everything is OK.
Eugene, remember this, soon repaired, but not both at once, there is a little more complicated issue is resolved.

01.10.2015 12:14, Vera Volkotrub

I can upload a photo in Berea Russian site. In the "Download site" no boot keys and strings.

02.10.2015 10:22, Ivan Tislenko

If the Russian versions of the website in the search box to query and click "Search" (without selecting options from the pop-up menu), then moves to the English version

02.10.2015 10:49, Peter Khramov

Vera, I checked it, it's Ok. Please, check again and, if the problem persists, please send me a screenshot of the page.
Ivan, thanks for the comment. Corrected.

02.10.2015 12:58, Vera Volkotrub

Through time

02.10.2015 13:30, Peter Khramov

And below that there are on-screen buttons such as starting or something else with that?

02.10.2015 14:01, Vera Volkotrub

It is another program, don't mind it.

03.10.2015 0:06, Peter Khramov

Browser is FF, right? In any way I can not repeat this. Guys, can you repeat something like it?
PS Inserting images, you need to use file address, not a link to a page with it.

03.10.2015 7:25, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I tried to find it in three browsers (Opera, IE, FF). Not a single problem like Vera described.
It seems to me that the cause of the problem in the user's computer. Not in the browser.

03.10.2015 12:52, Alexander Belousov

Peter, the number of uploaded photos (Authors page) went out of date: it's still 669 (must be 691).

03.10.2015 15:32, Vera Volkotrub

Peter, it's all right, thank you. We will deal with the computer.

04.10.2015 16:18, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, after editing comments (pressing the "send") throws to the main page of the English version. Do not eat well (

04.10.2015 21:06, Peter Khramov

Basil should not be such now checked again - all the rules. Check, too, even just once.

04.10.2015 21:08, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yes, now everything is normal. And I swear to throw :)

04.10.2015 21:12, Irina Nikulina

Peter, then confirm) to throw in the English version. But just after the edit , after the first write everything was normal.

04.10.2015 21:14, Peter Khramov

If you will experience something else is not - reported.

06.10.2015 8:52, Vera Volkotrub

Comp have treated, the problem persists and worse - terribly slow (when viewing images), and only in the Russian version, the English all right. For other sites this is not observed. If the case is still in the computer may be who knows that there need to be treated?

08.10.2015 15:36, Alexander Belousov

Take Two. Peter, something does not update the number of uploaded photos per page Authors - 691 in stock, but already there is 669 a month.

09.10.2015 20:26, Peter Khramov

Alexander, I see. In the solutions for this problem is there, but not in the first place.

10.10.2015 0:29, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, thank you for your support :)
The fact that this is not an isolated signal over the counter.
I remember I raised this issue was to put it mildly, "not understood" (((......
More importantly (except counters photo) to see who is currently online in order to avoid or minimize the "downloads an overlap."Peter, you'd better not push it too long box))

10.10.2015 15:08, Peter Khramov

Regarding Basil discussed on the phone. In the case of: everything is ready, counters online ph number of comments and reconfigured.

11.10.2015 9:34, Ivan Tislenko

For ladybugs on her page after the sort is kind of
The kind of page it is placed in the subgenus
On the page is not it kind of thumbnails for the subgenus Hemisphaerica

11.10.2015 14:23, Peter Khramov

That's because after moving to clarifying taxa individual trees have not changed everywhere. Ie Parent taxon corrected, and all the wood for the child - not. I think today will be ready.

12.10.2015 3:02, Peter Khramov


12.10.2015 11:43, Ivan Tislenko

Yeah. But the thumbnails for the subgenus Hemisphaerica never appeared

12.10.2015 11:50, Peter Khramov

Ugums made.

12.10.2015 12:51, Irina Nikulina

Peter, the problem may not be the primary, but still need to fix - in the popular species of insects on Ch. page when you open the previews are not always displayed the right kind, in some cases, throws not to the desired form, and on the page of a completely different family (eg, Luehdorfia puziloi - Hesperiidae, Limenitis helmanni - Praydidae, Hypsopygia costalis - Pieridae, some Hyles - Geometridae, one of Parnassius - Sphingidae, well, etc.)

12.10.2015 14:20, Peter Khramov

Irina, at point blank range do not see how this could be. If this happen again - come to me pliz page code (displayed on the Ctrl + U usually), which references are incorrect.

12.10.2015 16:30, Irina Nikulina

I catch perekopirovat 2 dock sent. If something goes wrong - say, I repeat)

01.11.2015 20:47, Irina Nikulina

Ivan, on the question of the absence of a thumbnail to the tribe answer you immediately, so as not to clog the page taxa not related matters, it's more a technical question rather than on the classification :) Recent changes in the structure of taxa has led to the fact that indeed some of them were left without illustrations, for example,in the case of intermediate taxon. This is not an isolated case, so periodically review all units, and has already found a lot of these here taxa without thumbnails, correct) On some "holes" inform users thank Fedor Ovechkin, his efforts illustrated more than 30 taxa caught without thumbnail.But to catch everything - not enough time, so please find more - inform immediately or in the LC. Better not on the page taxon - why there is an extra correspondence relating not just to the taxon, and to any technical problem.

01.11.2015 21:37, Ivan Tislenko

Understood thanks!

01.11.2015 22:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

From myself I warn about bugs.
Now the hard drag here and there, rename, etc. many taxa (I am trying to build a more or less adequate system), and so it is likely these moments with the loss of illustrations.
What to do: it seems inevitable (

02.11.2015 12:33, Evgeny Komarov

Given that I'm doing the same ... everything returns to normal. With time :)

03.11.2015 15:35, Yuri Semejkin

Not working directory. Custom taxon nothing gives 40 region. Yesterday it was the same.

04.11.2015 3:27, Peter Khramov

Yuri, with a catalog of all the rules. I remind you that now "arbitrary taxon" should not just drive a certain value and to calm down, and you must wait avtopodstanovok and select option one. Then all will be the norm.

04.11.2015 4:47, Yuri Semejkin

Thank you, Peter! I got it, now everything works.

08.11.2015 17:16, Ivan Tislenko and - it's the same kind of a typo in the title?

08.11.2015 17:39, Ivan Tislenko

There tribe Psylloborini (, in which no one psillobory, and is a kind of Psyllobora (, not included in this tribe. It is illogical somehow, or is this normal?

08.11.2015 18:28, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Ivan, this does not apply to the glitch - it refers to the fact that curators need to bring the system back in order.
And the whole huge kuratorv order Coleoptera is online only two: your humble servant and Evgeny Komarov.And we are currently engaged in completely different groups which are also a complete mess ((
In fact the question:
According to some reports the tribe Psylloborini Casey, 1899 and all the tribe is synonymous Coccinellini Latreille, 1807:
And, accordingly, it should not even be on the site as a separate tribe.
And to reach the hands of ladybirds. You just have to wait a while)

08.11.2015 19:41, Evgeny Komarov

Ivan! If a species-genus is, ship photo. And the place it will fall over time, it's insects million described species with a tail, a few hundred views of the system and the mass of all other interesting)). Vida-kind not - write, someone where added at the same time on the move and can fix that supraspecific miracles, which is then complete.

16.02.2016 12:23, Shamil Murtazin

In connection with the change of algorithm for determining the type of statistics on the main little "wrong."
Those. pictures "look is not defined" 29 pieces, but in fact, there are many photos that are just for butterflies such as assigned.
The reality is not determined to the species level is quite a large number of photos.

17.02.2016 11:47, Peter Khramov

Yes, it is true, the text will change.

19.02.2016 10:45, Peter Khramov


21.02.2016 9:03, Shamil Murtazin

I can see in the right menu "Fresh in the community" post: 0:07, D. Potanin: Return - is usually paid by the buyer ...
A "Community" it is not. Apparently, something happened

21.02.2016 12:03, Peter Khramov

Shamil, all the rules, all the goods will soon be seen.

21.02.2016 14:16, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, I do not find work. No autosubstitution.
THOSE. neither tolerate nor put to the taxon at startup, I can not. Understand, please.

21.02.2016 17:10, Peter Khramov

Fixed can be edited.

24.02.2016 9:48, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, here: when linking to related species, which is available through the "dog" in the column
"Properties appearance and differs from similar types of" throws in the English version. We must deal with this.

24.02.2016 16:12, Peter Khramov

, It is necessary to agree.

24.02.2016 20:19, Peter Khramov

But quick is not done. We'll have to do is not in a hurry.

24.02.2016 21:19, Evgeny Komarov

Well then, mind you at once, that in England. version of "throws" in many cases, not only in the case described by Vasily. Sometimes even the law is not clear.

24.02.2016 21:23, Peter Khramov

Regularity there always is. If there are specific instances of someone - just send links and descriptions, will be calculated.

25.02.2016 9:16, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And yet this Trouble with the same example, but I think that it is present everywhere:
When formalizing tag "hibernating stage" infa in the English version, in the section "Over-wintering stage" is displayed in Russian. It also should not be.

25.02.2016 12:25, Peter Khramov

Basil, thanks for the note corrected.

28.02.2016 16:05, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, look here and, at the moment, right on the front page! A certain butterfly with a fright illustrates the newly added species of ground beetles me!

28.02.2016 16:38, Peter Khramov


28.02.2016 16:43, Evgeny Komarov

Do not fix it, see here - the same butterfly photo shows the "photos of other species"

28.02.2016 16:44, Yuri Semejkin

Not sure . That this beetle Pseudozaena tricostata currently in my last update looks butterfly with Eugene apparently seeing the same thing.

28.02.2016 16:53, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Everywhere where the species has not yet been illustrated got some butterfly. I have the same (

28.02.2016 16:56, Peter Khramov

All there is fixed, simply refresh the page ...

29.02.2016 19:21, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, this is where I kind of defined, but on the page of the original photo remains definition, although it also illustrates the normal view of the faithful.

09.03.2016 22:17, Anna Gerasimova

Good afternoon)
I do not know about you, but I for some reason in conversations on the forum pictures are not scaled to fit the width of the left block and go right under the unit with the news. Somehow it's ugly. Maybe you can do something?
And after a little nuance that I have a couple of years is alarming.On the main page of the forum, in some windows appear in my opinion failed scrollbars.

11.03.2016 11:54, Peter Khramov

Anna is now corrected, everything should be rules with pictures (unless you do not have a very small screen).
Regarding bands - yes, may appear again if the screen is not very large. But what they were in this case interfere? Visually?

13.03.2016 13:37, Anna Gerasimova

Peter, I do not see the changes. I had also had a suspicion that these display issues due to the small screen (used to be for me), but the 15 "should also normally all look like? Now if I go to the theme" On the 8th of March! ", Part of the picture goes under news. well, scrollbars course only create aesthetic inconvenience.Although the pages of taxa would be more convenient to list the smaller fall out when you move, and does not scroll.

23.03.2016 6:09, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, that's a strange story with these photos Photo # 55386, # 55384, # 55383, # 46348.
They refuse to be anchored entirely. Those. The "snap to this point" does not appear in the window. Not only for them, and a new point is impossible to create!

23.03.2016 6:46, Yuri Semejkin

I was like. In my case, the reason was as follows. Not closed provided the previous point, for some reason, did not understand. We had to leave the card- switch to others. Snimok- take a step back and then to click on a picture that I want to bind. From that moment on, everything emerges and starts to work.

23.03.2016 6:51, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri, then I just do not what to do, even all site left :) Do not hochut all.

23.03.2016 7:06, Yuri Semejkin

Then there al. Reason. Here probably only Peter can explain.
Ps. Do not be glitches on the map, move to a separate page? Separate from the Guardian website. And even so the wheel has to have a long scroll.

23.03.2016 7:20, Evgeny Komarov

And you do not twist :) Ctrl + End

23.03.2016 7:26, Yuri Semejkin

Excellent ! Thank you, Eugene!

23.03.2016 14:03, Peter Khramov

Just End, without Ctrl ; -) Ctrl + End for multiline text fields...
About maps - we'll see.

27.03.2016 15:07, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, now completely stable during the transition to photo editing, ie passes to editing one photo and then clicking "Display all pictures"
He throws in the English version. A dozen times already ..

27.03.2016 15:53, Peter Khramov

Eugene, throw a link to the page from which the link to "bring all the pictures ..." the blasted leads.

27.03.2016 16:10, Evgeny Komarov

And here I am now, this bug slovlyu again and describe their actions step by step.
1. Open Photo # 55777: Rhinoncus castor.
2. I press the "Edit Photo" and normally get on page modify this photo (Russian version,
3.Zhmu "Display all photos" and got back in English!
Here you poshagovo.S any pictures of this algorithm, you get on the English version.

27.03.2016 16:34, Evgeny Komarov

That's the same thing with this stranichki.http: //

27.03.2016 20:45, Peter Khramov

Yeah, I realized what you mean. Fixed.

24.07.2016 23:25, Vasiliy Feoktistov

В разделе "Комментарии к фотографиям" на данный момент всего одна страница:
Куда-то делся "переключатель".....
Можно посмотреть одну страницу, а посмотреть предылущие нельзя (.
Надо привести в порядок это дело.

31.07.2016 10:45, Yuri Semejkin

На сайте не работает поиск через яндекс. Выдаёт следующее
Найдётся всё
Со временем
Поиск Почта Карты Маркет Новости Словари Блоги Видео Картинки ещё

Thyrgorina jankowskii
Область поиска: сайт —
Указанного поиска по сайту не существует.
Лицензия на поиск
Приходится выходить с сайта и захолить на яндекс отдельно. В этом случае любой поиск работает.

15.09.2016 12:24, Evgeny Komarov

Петр! А чего это информация по количеству видов с иллюстрациями категорически не совпадает на заглавной странице с данными в галерее? По галерее скоро юбилейный десятитысячный вид будет проиллюстрирован, а на заглавной едва за 9 тысяч перевалило.

15.09.2016 13:25, Alexandr Zhakov

Евгений, в Галерее указываются таксоны (от отряда до подвида):
Выбрано фотографий: 51602, таксонов на фото: 9905
А на заглавном колличество видов:
видов с иллюстрациями — 9084
а фото:
Фотографий в галерее — 51602;
Одинаково. :)

15.09.2016 14:19, Evgeny Komarov

Ага! Не сообразил :(

13.06.2017 21:34, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Пётр, посмотри сюда:
Все виды, которые справа проиллюстрировались превьюхой постороннего жука. Надо это дело исправить.

15.06.2017 10:29, Peter Khramov

OK, it's fixed.

15.09.2017 19:40, Shamil Murtazin

Накосячил в окне перевода, а как исправить - неизвестно. Пётр, причеши пожалуйста коммент на страничке:

15.09.2017 20:42, Peter Khramov


13.12.2018 8:34, Vera Volkotrub

Здравствуйте, Петр. Не получается ничего загрузить, подписать. Открыть любую страничку могу только с энной попытки путем перезагрузки странички. Просто ничего нет, белое поле. Если при перезагрузки странички еще можно что-то посмотреть, то загрузить вид и подписать не получаются, т.к. файл и подпись не сохраняются.

31.01.2021 16:05, Nikolay Grebennikov

А почему опять сайт не работает? Пишет ошибка.

02.02.2021 13:40, Svetlana Shchavelina

... и куда вообще делась администрация сайта??? Ау! Нет никого.....

11.02.2021 19:37, Yuriy Karpov

Петр. Сайт не работает полностью, ни одной функции не могу запустить, фото не показывает никак, пробовал и поиск названия и классификацию.

12.02.2021 22:34, Alexander Korolev

Что случилось с сайтом? Ничего не работает. Всё исчезло.

16.02.2021 9:14, Nikolay Grebennikov

Видно конец пришел сайту

18.02.2021 15:30, Peter Khramov

Ребят, в Сообществе сейчас бываю не так часто, если случаются подобные глюки — прошу писать напрямую на почту Сейчас глюк вижу, в ближайшее время постараюсь всё исправить.

18.02.2021 16:00, Peter Khramov

Большая часть исправлена, возможно, остались еще какие-то глюки в дереве таксонов, сейчас проверяем.

06.06.2021 11:20, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Планируется ли переход с http на https? А то с нововведениями почти во всех браузерах на сайтах с шифрованием невозможно показать своё фото с вашего сайта.

10.07.2021 8:08, Nikolay Vinogradov

Не загружаются архивы и фото.
При попытке загрузить архив - судя по трафику отправка на сайт происходит в полном объеме, но в галерею фото не попадают.
Пытаюсь загрузить по одной: первое фото загружается. При следующей попытке выдает сообщение \\\"Заполните поле \\\"Файл\\\".
Размер архива 15,3 Мб, Размер отдельного фото 2,6 Мб
Пробовал в браузерах Firefox 89.0.2 (64-битный), Google Chrome Версия 73.0.3683.103 (Официальная сборка), (64 бит), Opera Версия:77.0.4054.203

13.08.2021 13:14, Peter Khramov

Николай, пришлите мне файлы, которые грузите, на почту (собака вместо клопа). Проверю.

31.08.2021 8:50, Nikolay Grebennikov

Что-то опять с сайтом случилось. Не отвечает. Пишет не найдена страница

14.09.2021 17:22, Peter Khramov

Вчера и сегодня была тех. проблема с БД сайта. Сейчас починили. Народ, если видите глюки, не стесняйтесь звонить / писать на почту.

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