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11.05.2018 19:35, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Tomostethus nigritus

На стволах и на земле у стволов каркаса западного (Celtis occidentalis) (три дерева) личинок обнаружено значительно больше, чем на стволе одного из трёх рядом растущих ясеней (на двух вообще не было). В литературе нигде не ...

30.07.2016 21:22, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on photo #59042

Определил Евгений Каролинский

13.10.2015 20:28, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on photo #45537

The idea is correct. Share, as is done in the Plantarium. When loading foto.lyubym participant has an opportunity to celebrate "defined by another member of the project" and then you must enter its data in whole or in part with AutoFit.

28.09.2015 12:51, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Chorthippus

I do not find Chorthippus parallelus -

30.07.2015 13:12, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on photo #41972

Photos in full -

15.09.2013 22:14, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Lycaena dispar

I propose to add during the summer - September. Female I 14.09.2013g removed. and exhibited in the gallery.

23.03.2013 17:04, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on photo #21544

I mean the flight time, not the shot date. Read in full there:

23.03.2013 16:50, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on photo #21544

I was wrong before about the species, adding flight time and colours, I should have specified flight time, that was the bug caused by the pic size 3000х3000.

23.03.2013 16:44, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Nymphalis xanthomelas

Please specify the flight of time, and I even made a mistake with the original view. I have a meeting 21.03.2013g., Online "the end of March (24.03) to mid-May (17.05) overwintering butterflies fly."

27.10.2012 21:40, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Colias croceus

With regard to the time of summer. Colias croceus I shot 20, 29 and 30.09.12g. in the Rostov region. Table September - skipped.

24.10.2012 9:43, Anatoliy Kuzmin: comment on Autographa gamma

With regard to the time of summer. I shot Autographa gamma 23.10.12g. in Taganrog, Rostov region. There were a significant number of the temperature up to 18gr. In the table last summer month - September. international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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