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Butterflies and music: Ray Campi's rockabilly 50 years later

Community and ForumBlogButterflies and music: Ray Campi's rockabilly 50 years later

Lev Bely, 08.12.2012 15:50

The King of Rockabilly as Ray Campi is called has been reigning long and capitally, as true king is supposed to do. During the reign he even happened to work as a high-school teacher in California for 25 whole years, and today Campi in his nearly 80 keeps performing, briskly strums his double bass and recalls Elvis with whom he would clap heels back in the day.

“Caterpillar” was recorded in Austin in 1957, and 50 years later in 2007 Ray Campi still rocks the stage in Hemsby, Norfolk (UK), singing it alive as much vigorously. And that's exactly when rock 'n' roll ain't dead and, the more, gets better with age, for 2007 version can make dance even those who're already able to walk though still mispronounce “Ray” as “lay” and take their time to know about Elvis, dance under the moon and jolly 50's.

Ray Campi, Caterpillar (1957)

Ray Campi, Caterpillar (Hemsby, 2007)

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