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Butterflies and music: Dolly Parton / Caspar Babypants

Community and ForumBlogButterflies and music: Dolly Parton / Caspar Babypants

Lev Bely, 12.01.2013 23:22

First, there is a short story to tell. In the memorable 100-meter men's sprint of the Olympics 2012 in London a British gentleman Ashley Gill-Webb being presumably in high spirits (beer as well, they say), threw a bottle on to the track allegedly aiming at the future champion. The abuser failed, so the race ended with Usain Bolt's win, whilst the very Gill-Webb got unlucky twice since his neighbour was no less than the Dutch world judo champion Edith Bosch who immediately hit him on the back and detained before the security came. The day before yesterday Gill-Webb was eventually found guilty after six-month trial, and now awaiting sentencing he's probably feeling a little bit sad of those good times when a man could afford such a prank not being afraid to be ignominously seized by withers, whilst women were all and sundry “dollies” and didn't consider judo as whatsoever worth considering.

Not to mention Dolly Parton, which very name sends us into the past where she reigns as a classic “dolly” girl with her hair of gold, angel voice and “The Queen of Country Music” title. Even Dolly the sheep was named after Parton, or, to be more accurate, after one of Parton's body part. Well, there were times and there were dollies, which sang harmless songs like Parton's 1974 single “Love is Like a Butterfly”, songs that however became number-one hits.

Today it's rather grown men who play dolls, say, Chris Ballew who manages to play in the alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America and at the same time to compose music for children under the stage name Caspar Babypants. For the song “Butterfly Driving A Truck” from the album Sing Along! Chris with mates made in one day this colourful video, which can be used for learning colours, sounds, butterflies, Latin alphabet, puppet cinema, or just for having fun, alone and with anyone nearby.

Dolly Parton, Love is Like a Butterfly (1974)

Caspar Babypants, Butterfly Driving A Truck (Sing Along!, 2011)

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