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Papilio ulysses wing shot at 20:1

Community and ForumBlogPapilio ulysses wing shot at 20:1

Lev Bely, 01.04.2013 21:47

Dutch photographer Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel makes stunning macro photos of insects and more like this wonderful picture of the Blue Emperor swallowtail Papilio ulysses wing shot at 20:1.

For those who are curious about technical side, there are Johan's words: “This very shot uses JML20x with cellophane wrapper diffuser, with 2 Ikea Jansjo Lights, one placed very far to southwest but close to diffuser (thus producing shallow angle creating the tips) and another more frontal, but further away. Exposure 2.5s. Note the imported EXIF is wrong, this (ISO) was actually at 400 rather than 80.”

Johan's other artwork can be seen on his page on Flickr.com, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jingleslenobel/sets/72157623492127788/.

The Blue Emperor swallowtail Papilio ulysses wing macro, Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
Papilio ulysses
The Madagascan sunset moth Chrysiridia rhipheus wing macro, Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
Sunset Moth Scales

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02.04.2013 0:36, Irina Nikulina

Lev, thanks, impressive! Want to share something too) Half year ago I was digging sources for info on the biology of my favourite butterfly Papilio maackii that was my first in knowing Far East, so I happened to find this shot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/javier_replinger/6904313920/in/photostream. Suchwise I knew about photographer Javier Replinger from Spain and his artwork, he uses the same techniques and JML lenses. His works are as much great. Check them http://www.flickr.com/photos/javier_replinger/. 20Х is not the limit, he even has a pic (funny entitled) of a butterfly wing shot at 80:1 http://500px.com/photo/3055544, it uses ELWD stuff though.

02.04.2013 20:59, Lev Bely

Irina, thanks, great pic of Papilio maackii. Always a pleasure to see scales so uncommonly enlarged.

02.04.2013 21:16, Irina Nikulina

Yes, thanks, Lev, yesterday I saw this pic at 40:1, was going to share the same link but changed my mind thinking on "Assorted italian pasta"))

02.04.2013 21:39, Lev Bely


12.03.2014 20:37, Johan Ingles-Le Nobel

Hello! Fyi I'm actually Dutch :).

14.03.2014 19:41, Lev Bely

Johan, thanks for your comment! Fixed.

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