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Alexey Kupriyanov Entomology Club

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Lev Bely, 20.01.2014 15:00

The Saint-Petersburg Ecology and Biology Centre “Krestovsky Island” bestows Alexey Kupriyanov Entomology Club that offers entomology classes for juniors and seniors. Alexey Kupriyanov graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University, the Biology Department (1992), he's a candidate in biological sciences. He continued his work in the alma mater as a teacher in the Zoology Department, authored a number of publications on the Incurvariidae taxonomy, different groups of insects of Northwest Russia and the history of botany and zoology in the 18 and 19 centuries.

The club classes include the course on general biology and basic zoology, entomology practicum (taught by Oleg Valersky, Ilya Udalov and Vasily Zlatogursky), observation of the insects and other arthropods of the club insectarium, excursions through Leningrad region to the Voronya (Crow) mountain (Dudergof), Old Peterhof, the Lava River canyon, field practicum in the vicinity of Jaschera village, summer expeditions to the Sebezh National Park in the south of Pskov region.

The course is divided to two years, study and research, the second year students learn how to make a collection, work with scientific literature, study a chosen group of insects. Wednesdays are given to the lectures on general biology, at Fridays they have practice on the insect biodiversity, anatomy and morphology as well as those of other arthropods.

Alexey Kupriyanov Entomology Club is open September—May, classes taught in the Saint-Petersburg Ecology and Biology Centre “Krestovsky Island”, room 12, basement of the main building, 19 Krestovsky avenue, Saint Petersburg, Russia. To enrol please visit the club or e-mail Alexey Kupriyanov tinea@narod.ru.

The entomology club website http://tinea.narod.ru features the course schedule, personalities of the club, useful info of expeditions and excursions, photoalbum, links to the interesting Russian and foreign biology sites, works of the club graduates, the “Help” section for volunteers and all people willing to contribute. The club has also the Vkontakte social page http://vk.com/club4475984 and the livejournal community http://entomolog-spb.livejournal.com. The club page on the Saint-Petersburg Ecology and Biology Centre “Krestovsky Island” website: http://eco-bio.spb.ru/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=12.

Alexey Kupriyanov Entomology Club, http://tinea.narod.ru

Saint-Petersburg Ecology and Biology Centre “Krestovsky Island”, http://eco-bio.spb.ru

Photo: Lev Bely, Moscow International Insect Fair 2013

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