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Plese, help me to identify an insect

Community and ForumTaxonomy. ClassificationPlese, help me to identify an insect

Yana Golyanova, 18.08.2022 11:34


21.06.2023 8:39, Nadezhda Ivanova

I amin the Tver region. I saw an amazing dragonfly of bright blue color. It's photographed, but in the photo it is darker and does not convey the full brightness of the dragonfly. For the sake of interest, I started searching the Internet for what this miracle is called. And I can't find it. The only photo of the same dragonfly in the article about the endangered species of dragonflies in Sweden... Can you tell me what species of dragonfly it is?

This is my photo

Py.Sy. don't throw slippers, I don't remember how to upload photos and whether they will be uploaded at all...

21.06.2023 12:51, Peter Khramov

Good afternoon. Upload your photo to the website's gallery, then the users will be able to help you determine the species of dragonfly. Link at the top of any Photo page: upload to the site.

21.06.2023 19:21, Nadezhda Ivanova

Thank you. I figured out what it is)

21.06.2023 20:13, Peter Khramov

04.11.2023 0:17, Victor Ruach

Good evening!
I found teratomorphic fruits on a plant that I cannot identify. Insects live in abundance inside the fruit. Please help me with the identification. Link to the photos and videos: https://nc.genplanmos.ru/index.php/s/Pi3Xmtoz9mDmJHS Location: Cyprus Is.

06.11.2023 14:42, Peter Khramov

Victor, have you got close up photo of the insects?

11.12.2023 15:44, Nadezhda Pletneva

Good afternoon, dear entomologists! A week ago I found it on my sheet, it looked like someone’s egg... And yesterday I found two in my child’s bed! I ask for help in identifying, since some bites have recently started... We are looking for the cause...

Here is the photo https://ibb.co/kJ4bzW5

11.12.2023 16:21, Peter Khramov

Nadezhda, the page at your link gives an HTTP ERROR 500 error. Please, check the address of the image. And name the region you are talking about.

11.12.2023 17:32, Nadezhda Pletneva


12.12.2023 21:38, Peter Khramov

Nadezhda, it seems, according to this photo — no way to identify the object :--) If there is a more detailed photo, please, send it.

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