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Помогите опознать многоножку.

Community and ForumOther questions. Insects topicsПомогите опознать многоножку.

Owl Soul, 20.01.2023 6:10

I suddenly remembered that "exotic" pets live at my house, and now not only in the bathroom, This is NOT a flycatcher, I know these lovely creatures and we do not have them. The size of the specimen is about two centimeters, a thin, grayish thread with light brown paws. Quite calm, but there will still be no photo, I was not up to that. Can anyone tell me what species are found in the pine and cedar forests of the north? Where to dig? And then there is a pet, but there is no name, and this is a mess :)


20.01.2023 6:18, Owl Soul

Yes, how to edit it here... It's just Hello! then :)

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