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Most biggest world's moth in the Perm city Butterfly Park

Community and ForumBlogMost biggest world's moth in the Perm city Butterfly Park

Lev Bely, 31.01.2012 16:47

Next few days and no more in the Perm city Butterfly Park you can see the alive Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) which is one of the biggest world's moths both by its total wing surface area and wingspan. The wingspan can reach 25cm and even more, females are bigger and heavier than males.

A. atlas lives rather short life due to its undeveloped mouthparts, moths can't feed and exist therefore just 1—2 weeks. Atlasses fly unsurely, rather flutter. Females don't fly away far from their chrysalises, instead they look for a comfortable place with air currents for their pheromones to be getting spread around so that males could detect that. The latter are able to detect pheromones at several kilometers apart from females.

The moth expansion covers an area from India to China. In India A. atlas is cultivated though not massively for its highly durable silk while in Taiwan they used moth cocoons as purses because of the same durability.

The Perm city Butterfly Park exposes South America, Central America and Southwestern Asia butterflies and moths. There is an insectarium in the conservatory where new butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. Besides, in the Park you can see Madagascar hissing cockroaches, bird-eating spiders, iguanas, Australasian tree frogs, various snakes, Lonchura birds, laughing doves, common carps, red-eared sliders and crickets.

The Perm city Butterfly Park, http://bater.ru/perm

Attacus atlas female

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31.01.2012 17:12, Peter Khramov

There are two giraffes at the video thumbnail.

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