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Lubbock (USA, TX) residents are disturbed with moth invasion

Community and ForumBlogLubbock (USA, TX) residents are disturbed with moth invasion

Lev Bely, 18.04.2012 18:45

Moths have been hatching from last year eggs right inside homes of locals who literally have to dodge insects rushing out onto the streets.

“The moths start off as army cut worms, and as adults become what are commonly known as miller moths (Acronicta leporina).” Donna Duncan, co-owner of D’s Pest Control said. “Right now, basically what’s happening is they’re hatching from eggs that were laid in the fall and what they’re trying to do is migrate to the mountains. It’s just a normal course of how that species is.”

Duncan noted that such infestations usually last just a couple of weeks depending on how many eggs were laid. “We’re getting a lot of calls. We even had a customer that left her garage open and had hundreds of them in her garage.”

Jason Mata who lives in Southwest Lubbock said he has heard others talk about how bad the moths are but he personally hasn’t experienced any issues with moths this year.

Denise Blake, another Southwest Lubbock resident, said the moths have not been a problem for her so far this spring. “We have had a few,” Blake said, “but it hasn’t been an infestation at this point.”

Patrick Porter, an extension entomologist for Texas AgriLife Extension suggests to use insecticides against moths though he's not sure if it could actually help to get rid of them. “Moths are attracted to light,” Porter said. “They are going to go to the light at night and not land on the insecticide-treated surface.”

Dunkan's advise is to change the color of porch lights. “You can change your porch light to a yellow light instead of the regular white light,” Duncan said. “(Moths) are less attracted to the yellow light.”

Lubbock Avalanche Journal, http://lubbockonline.com

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