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Butterflies and music: ASP, Schwarzer Schmetterling

Community and ForumBlogButterflies and music: ASP, Schwarzer Schmetterling

Lev Bely, 03.11.2012 18:22

Schwarzer Schmetterling (The Black Butterfly) is a song from the album series “Der Schwarze Schmetterling” by German rock band ASP (spelled “Ashp”). In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street... Where Alexander Spreng, the ASP frontman looking like no less than a cenobite from hell, speaks of the opposition between the forces of light and darkness, and as it's stated, the latter are embodied in the Black Butterfly. Alexander is believed to be on the light side, but who would dare ascertain this?

ASP, Schwarzer Schmetterling (Hast Du mich vermisst? Der Schwarze Schmetterling I, 2000)

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04.11.2012 16:08, Peter Khramov

Repeat [On].

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