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Rosie Heritage's new book about butterflies of Ash Island

Community and ForumBlogRosie Heritage's new book about butterflies of Ash Island

Lev Bely, 25.02.2013 16:52

Painted ladies, yellow admirals and monarchs sound kind of comic opera characters, yet the reality is way simpler. These are the common names of some of the butterflies of Ash Island in the abundant in wildlife estuary of the Hunter River, Australia.

Most people know no more than these rather theatrical butterfly names, whilst there is a world of things to discover. What are butterflies' habitats? How do they differ from each other? A new book by Stroud artist Rosie Heritage opens the doors for those who don't know and are not afraid to get more.

Butterflies and Bushland, An Illustrated Guide to the Butterflies of Ash Island contains 40 images of island butterflies by Rosie Heritage. Working on this book, Rosie got as well inspired by amazing Scott sisters' works. Harriet and Helena Scott that lived on Ash Island with their family in the 1800s are known as Australia’s most talented natural history artists.

The book was published by means of a government grant, which is also used for special planting program at the Kooragang wetlands. The program is designed to encourage native butterflies.

Heritage said she had received support from the volunteers and staff at the Kooragang Wetlands Rehabilitation Project, headed by Peggy Svoboda.

A log is kept on the island to record sightings of butterflies.

This record can then be compared with the extensive list of native species kept by Helena Scott, Heritage said.

The Newcastle Herald,

Photo: Rosie Heritage artwork,

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28.02.2013 15:06, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Just for the rec: English Painted Lady is Vanessa cardui, our common "repeynitsa".

28.02.2013 21:34, Lev Bely

Vasily, thanks for the remark. In the original article the "painted lady" is mentioned in a rather "theatrical" context, so the translation requires to be literal like "overmakeuped lady (madame, character)" whilst being changed to "repeynitsa" the meaning gets lost.
See: "Painted ladies, yellow admirals and monarchs – the names sound like something from a comic opera..."

28.02.2013 22:11, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I took that from the English book by David Carter "Butterflies and Moths", Dorling Kindersley Limited, London 1992.
The English version of the website also reads "painted lady" as for this species:

28.02.2013 22:37, Lev Bely

Frankly I've got nothing against David Carter or Vanessa cardui:) Still it's not about being precise in naming the species, but the wordplay. The first and direct meaning of the "painted lady" amusingly also serves as the common name of Vanessa cardui. That's why this time I didn't reference to the Latin names of the species (painted ladies, admirals...) as I usually do, since it's not about putting "repeynitsa" to the comic opera:)

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