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Peter Khramov, 05.11.2014 0:13

New Entomological Shop -

Specials on the way.
But for the time being:

This topical delivery from Russia - it already is.
This is relevant payment cards, electronic money, through the terminals - it is.
This actual dry material - it should appear during the week (otpishu optional).This relevant boxes - there are quite a lot of 23h30 and 30x40 available directly right now.
This crucial issue of delivery - is now possible to estimate the prices of options / dates and locations of items for ex 4500 settlements of the Russian Federation directly on the site.

ZY To enter the ACC can be used from the Lepidoptera login or Lepstora, if you have them.Or just zaregatsya as a new user.


05.11.2014 1:44, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, as I understand, it was born in part on the results of the last meeting? Congratulations on getting started :) Good luck in this case.

05.11.2014 2:08, Peter Khramov

Basil, no, it was born more than since the last meeting: -) But thanks anyway.

05.11.2014 15:40, Alex Dumchus

We are waiting for the dry material. Can be relevant exchanges of dry material?

05.11.2014 17:19, Peter Khramov

Even the exchange of relevant material users to store equipment. Q as a material only.

09.11.2014 16:58, Alex Dumchus

Peter! (Sternly frowning) Where the dry material ???

10.11.2014 4:10, Peter Khramov

And that knit - it is written about a week w ...

10.11.2014 8:59, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter Reserve this for me please that position:
For years, Vladimir Meshchora monitors and it will be interesting to read :)

10.11.2014 14:31, Peter Khramov

Ok, I have done.

13.11.2014 0:22, Peter Khramov

Question to those who were at the site Naturalist : comfortable / uncomfortable? It is clear / not clear? Some questions arose thread interface, they say, how the?

13.11.2014 16:10, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I have no questions. Lepstor remained the same in my opinion. Only the name has changed :)

13.11.2014 16:53, Peter Khramov

I do not mean with respect to Lepstora and respect the horse in a vacuum. Ie Are there any disadvantages / neponyatnki interface in use.

13.11.2014 19:30, Shamil Murtazin

Neponyatok not. For me. Site normal.
If you make changes to become - what?
Probably, it is necessary to tighten up the "ergonomics". If interested can distribute a lot of any fines.

13.11.2014 19:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yes, there is no horse in a vacuum :)

13.11.2014 21:31, Peter Khramov

Yes, ergonomics and interesting. She had twisted by the time, but every once outside perspective is valuable, so Shamil distribute. And to the rest of the people also appeal itself.

13.11.2014 22:34, Shamil Murtazin

I throw tezisno ideas for "mozgoshturmovaniya":
1. When the page loads you can see only the top three of the goods and, at times, half of them.
2. Pictures directory.2a a different background and distracting
Photo 2b the same goods are not the same type =) (here so skazanul)
2c only one photo (general plan), some products
(in small letters) Place photos done so that, for example, fiberglass handle can not see it from the fiber.
3. Use about 50% of the width of the screen (I have a 1920x1080)
4.In the main, probably should have most viewed, best selling, the most requested (and there are, for example, was not, and now on sale), and only then, down in the basement, just random items.

More should try povybirat in the catalog and do a couple of test orders.

P.S. I found that the site has a news section :)
P.P.S.IMHO between elements in the imposition left rather large margins. possibly due to my screen resolution ...
P.P.P.S. More must be borne in mind that my main work activity is connected with work on the computer ...

14.11.2014 0:59, Peter Khramov

1. You're right. And it is now even more than before. There is a small laid by it, it can be raised, but have radically, you see, will not change.
2a. In most cases, like as black. Examples Throw ...
2b. Examples where it interferes Throw too. Interesting.
2c. Ugums, it is already in the list of fixes.
(in small letters) also ugums.
3.There's no escape and no escape. Rubber sites (not in the design, namely useful content) is now effectively dead. And Internet-Magazov even more. Too difficult, you see.
4. I agree completely. Also on the list.
PS. Yeah. Et people not immediately vkurivaet. But not the desired section on the other side.
PPS. No, the solution here is not important.Some will fall even poumenshayu (vertical), but they are all in the fact that the air was much, because without them anywhere, otherwise dirt will.
PPPS. It's a pity. Hear someone inexperienced would: -) And then people such questions arise, there is no limit to the number of tips on the site that need to be everywhere povtykat.
Thank you for your comments!

14.11.2014 19:48, Shamil Murtazin

According to paragraph 3 invented designs "feedback." This script gives the browser the current resolution and, starting from him, preconfigured template is selected. And these templates, for example, three. Under 800x600, 1600x1200 and 1920x1080. Well, hereinafter generally "more-less". At the exit, we have a pseudo-rubber design.Or quantum rubber :)
Pro tips - already wrote about the hint when the mouse - as the tag html acronym.
Plus there are drop-down lists, suggestive comments in the input fields, etc.
Photo collection probably do with links and e-mail.

15.11.2014 14:56, Peter Khramov

For stores, they invented at the best adaptation for smart phones and stuff like that. But that was a significant difference between 720p and 1080p in the design boutiques - a terrible rarity. Sales and offhand I do not cite examples (if there are examples - reset).
Pro tips - not stuck. Where are they missing? .. And the drop-down list, too - where? ..

15.11.2014 17:28, Shamil Murtazin

You said that the place is not enough to scatter hints - that's proposal. It can help.
At different resolutions - different width of the window of the store. I'm all for it.

05.12.2014 19:59, Peter Khramov

About insects removed. We discuss the issues raised in the phone as well as online boutiques directory will be appropriate, and there will be Missagh.

19.12.2014 1:03, Peter Khramov

There are boxes on the test / review, here are: I can send two people for the price of 700 pe. Until Monday exactly true, then - let's see. One box in one hand. If you need more - is at the regular price. Test box - only for delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, N.Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladimir, Tver, Izhevsk, Cheboksary, as well as some settlements respective areas. Write here or in the mail, call the phone.

19.12.2014 8:10, Dmitriy Pozhogin

I could not send to the pins?

19.12.2014 12:52, Peter Khramov

If there was infa advance that will be a couple of pieces of 700 - I would have told you kanesh.

24.12.2014 1:43, Peter Khramov

Another option box for your feedback. 30x40 glass, here are: 750 rubles to the recall, the amount in one hand without restrictions. City Delivery - as in the preceding sentence.

05.02.2015 9:53, Dmitriy Pozhogin

There are boxes on the test / review, here are: I can send two people for the price of 700 pe
Another option box for your feedback. 30x40 glass, here are: 750 rubles to the recall, the amount in one hand without restrictions.

Ready to take on 1shtuke if the offer is not valid from 19.12 - then 2 pieces of 750 rubles

05.02.2015 9:53, Dmitriy Pozhogin

By the way, if there were screens - I after 4 weeks of leave before the end of March

05.02.2015 12:40, Peter Khramov

Ugums, may have time to finish version. Computer somehow fix it?

05.02.2015 13:36, Dmitriy Pozhogin

February 11-12, must be repaired. What about otzyv- boxes?

05.02.2015 20:36, Peter Khramov

«What about otzyv- boxes?»
This sentence I do not understand.

06.02.2015 8:09, Dmitriy Pozhogin

And what you do not understand - I also asked if there was a box for the tip - if there is, what and how much!

07.02.2015 0:15, Shamil Murtazin

Give each tent light traps! )

11.02.2015 8:15, Dmitriy Pozhogin

The third time I ask (hopefully last) - Is BOXES FOR COMMENT ???

11.02.2015 13:22, Peter Khramov

Not now, but there is a good chance that there will be a couple of weeks.

11.02.2015 19:44, Shamil Murtazin

A light traps tents when they? .. =)

12.02.2015 14:57, Peter Khramov

Since they need to be for a long time, and still can not have, I probably what can not predict. As soon as both at once will tell.

07.03.2015 11:33, Shamil Murtazin

Season close! .. Already gone bald spots! =)

14.03.2015 7:23, Yuri Semejkin

Very close! Today, the flies took off, the view from under the bark fly on the snow and sit on a tree trunk. So that is about to appear and butterflies

17.03.2015 12:09, Yuri Semejkin

All. began! Today, 3 large tortoiseshell saw one almost arrived. Remove unfortunately it failed, too somehow suddenly met. Snow still around.

17.03.2015 21:03, Shamil Murtazin

Sadness. Good thing we still have snow ... more encouraged to continue the themes of attacks with a net and a camera ...)

18.03.2015 16:12, Alexander Belousov

And I'm back to last season Zatar dolls, and now - every day out of tricks! So my season start his March 8 (Swallowtail). And on the street only seen hives.

19.03.2015 19:15, Peter Khramov

For motorists, truckers and homeworkers appeared here such lanterns: Foty is bad, try to make poluchche boom in the foreseeable future.
For fans of the standard cartridges E27 appeared here such bulbs:

20.03.2015 13:45, Alex Dumchus

Peter, reserve me a couple standartnyh- convenient twist hotels on the balconies.

20.03.2015 23:13, Peter Khramov

Yes, this is probably just right. Anxiety neighbors very little Buda.

24.03.2015 14:06, Peter Khramov

There was a stand-alone modification lantern C1. It is expensive, but also contraption afigenskaya.

25.03.2015 10:27, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Carrying a standard, the car in which the set of UV lamp: This is understandable. Interested in Har-ki.the battery if it is with small dimensions is able to start the car (using a crank starter motor) :))
Generally the price: it's a song (((For the money to actually buy a small generator, and Vietnam (runs without throttle therefore carry more convenient).

25.03.2015 13:23, Peter Khramov

Basil, "a small generator and Vietnam" in comparison with the lamp - at both Kamaz compared to passenger Mercedes. It seems the price is similar, and both can go. But the pros / cons of each option, to put it mildly, my.

25.03.2015 14:05, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And not a few nesurёzno: the decision "bezrybe" so to speak :)
Himself as you know started to use like this: (the weight of a backpack with all the equipment is less than 10 kg.).
But by far the generator + RTD will be productive in any setting. You can of course and XRD 250/400 take, but there is still the weight increase due to the restriction (electronic ballasts do not trust because of their unreliability in such facilities), but using XRD is a plus: it can be split, and Vietnam can not due to the nature of the structure.Weight will be significant in any case, but also catching capacity will not compare with portable solutions)))
I would personally put on the generator + RTD (XRD), and we, of Lyokha have plans to go with a complete set of my points in the Vladimir region.Looking forward)))
Generally most interested in what kind of a battery used in your design so both cars to run a 12 volt lead acc. at least 40 A / h if memory serves me correctly)))

25.03.2015 15:48, Peter Khramov

Do not several nesurёzno: the decision "bezrybe" so to speak:)
No, well, if the hand is 220, without limitation, the kanesh can be much less money fit. Just being here is ...
In general, most of all interested in what kind of a battery used in your design
Lithium, itself.What else in such a small weight / size fit.

25.03.2015 19:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Well, if a generator is a self-will and 220. (Axiom)
Lithium then it is understandable why such a price. But not entirely reliable. Although with a load of 8 watts do not argue for a long time to work (depending on the quality of Akka).And here's a reminder that you can start the car a few unnecessary in my opinion (even if it is the coolest lithium may brainer to die from such operations, and with very fast) (((
Not for nothing in the automotive industry, including in the coolest Mercedes, Maybach, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, etc.used if I am not mistaken only classic lead-acid acca known for its dependability in ektremalnyh conditions (to turn the starter should be a lot of amps at a voltage of 12 in.) :) Lead battery can withstand a category Pts. large currents. And if you have a car, there is no need to buy the system (its 12 in.enough to nourish this light bulb with a vengeance). And if you want you can grab the same generator or inverter))

25.03.2015 20:50, Peter Khramov

I believe that home socket 220 is much more reliable and less expensive than a generator. And inverters for cars nafig not needed. You may want to grab a second car and start the engine from it. In addition, a second car can simply be towed first, so if something goes serzenoe more than discharging.

25.03.2015 22:38, Vasiliy Feoktistov

But a home outlet and nobody speaks :) But in the field in the presence of auto preferable generator.
Inverter mentioned because I know a person who uses such a solution in the fields. Essno minus: the machine has to start from time to time to recharge the battery. Zhruschey this thing so it's best to carry a stand-alone generator.And the generator can be supplied as much as it allows (DRL 250 minimum). Sense to carry on car something okromya generator or inverter just do not see.

26.03.2015 0:32, Peter Khramov

Exactly. And I do not see any reason to carry a generator or inverter, when it is possible to carry a second car. And indeed the need for the trip in question, when the house is convenient outlet. Basil, all very different life circumstances and preferences. Someone does not like to farm. Someone does not like the noise. Someone does not like the smell of kerosene.Someone has five children in the car. Someone not have a car.

26.03.2015 10:55, Shamil Murtazin

Ieh light traps to ... :)

26.03.2015 13:37, Peter Khramov

We do.

24.04.2015 12:37, Peter Khramov

There are 30 packs of black pins №2 with discount 190 rub. / Pcs. If anyone needed - write / call.

24.04.2015 19:35, Alex Dumchus

Peter. Add packs of 5 for my previous orders

04.05.2015 12:58, Alexander Belousov

Ay! The store people are, or just a robot? Four days do not know send me something thread or not? Order №21419. You'll excuse me, I'm here for the first time ordering, can and should be?

04.05.2015 20:12, Peter Khramov

Alexander, seeing the order. Yet to be contacted for two reasons:
1. Now the Russian holidays that will end only tomorrow.
2. Work with foreign deliveries now goes through the ass, and, unlike the Russian Federation, I would not influence it directly, but how much influence - affected.
The second point is much more important than the first. Ie Russia would all have long been rung and negotiated.Summary: After the holidays from us will touch on delivery to Kazakhstan. If it is easy, I would get, by the way, comments on this topic to kick the charge once again.

05.05.2015 11:50, Alexander Belousov

Where anger pour :-) to the store? Previous post goes like an angry review?

05.05.2015 16:49, Peter Khramov

No, a review is needed of the fact that the client has passed all the circles of hell, and finally received the goods! You can pour out to me directly.

05.05.2015 19:20, Alexander Belousov

I'm on the threshold of hell! Cool! I will wait.

12.05.2015 7:20, Alexander Belousov

Peter, how do I cancel an order? Almost two weeks to respond - it's cool! Yes, and I'm at the office can not see anything. I'll be back in proven locations.

12.05.2015 11:02, Peter Khramov

I will make a failure, all the rules.

12.05.2015 16:15, Alexander Belousov

Thank you. Sure wish you less!

12.05.2015 18:46, Peter Khramov

Well, I'll let myself just send e-mail, its people Well almost! -)

13.05.2015 12:13, Alexander Belousov

Damn, too late! I have issued an order, I immediately sent the score and I have already paid. The next time Peter try directly!

13.05.2015 16:58, Peter Khramov

In Entomone Nikita Stoll took?

13.05.2015 20:26, Alexander Belousov

Yes, no one does not want us to send. I have been taking. The truth has risen in price everything's cool! Because you went, but alas! All too long.

14.06.2015 12:59, Peter Khramov

Butterfly collects within one thread? Came a new interesting game, to the site has not yet laid out, if anyone ought to - reportedly can make even cheaper than Magazev (in which, in general, on this matter too, the price is quite a Nuys).
ZY With traps is dull, with nets less muffled, "soon to be". As always, yeah))

21.06.2015 9:38, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, an hour no products from the category make / repair itself? :)
In particular, a pair of pads are required to raspravilku or little strips of balsa.
Raspravilok favor of two types:
From an array of limes on personal observations better suited for small things.
With plates of balsa for butterflies bigger.So: this is the balsa is certainly a useful thing and pins in it come any and how to ......
But it wears out pretty quickly ((
Do not change the same because of this whole raspravilku? Sew lining the new stick.
Do not we have reached to a level to simply throw out the good stuff)))

21.06.2015 13:30, Alexander Belousov

Basil, I did pravilki laminate floor that stele. Just over PVC glue - 3mm for coins, 5 mm larger (buy there, where everything is for the production of advertising). When good hands turn at all glamor for micro-pravilki even entirely of plastic.Povehnosti his smooth, puncture holes remain without splitting (do not stick out and do not cling). After just wear the glue on top of a layer of more plastic, and all!

21.06.2015 14:14, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, so surely every master his instrument and each right :) so what hand he used to. For example: I can not enjoy the purchase-dissecting needles: use a reverse stick end (where the head was renshe) in a wooden handle entomobulavku №3, or simply entobulavku №3 without handles.And these raspravilkam arm also used to and therefore do not want to split hairs))) Everyone here its shorter)))

21.06.2015 15:50, Alexander Belousov

Basil, it's just an option. If the hand was used, the graft of three millimeters Feel the even. And at the expense of needles (!!!) very interesting. And I do not like the factory. :-)

21.06.2015 15:59, Alex Dumchus

I do not use prep.igly. For raspravki sharpened using a zero on the end of a chopstick, only to be hardwood, once brought from Vietnam. So less scratched wings. And I do raspravilki of parketin- excellent geometry, top PVC glue.

21.06.2015 17:18, Peter Khramov

From dissecting needles here are good: Just stand like an airplane (the price listed on the site at the old rate, the new purchase will be more expensive) Yes and no nifiga them in stock. Easy. Pleasant. Very sharp / tokie (especially with small butterflies clearly visible).
ZYBasil, raspravilki were at a discount (do not do it yourself, just pokotsanye at the corners, for it is almost irrelevant, but the aesthetics / presentation spoiled). But everything has gone.
The only thing that now appeared elongated raspravilki the price of conventional-plus from balsa and plastazota can make a discount.

21.06.2015 17:58, Alex Dumchus

Anyway punctures in the veins are visible, but when you use wood-No.

21.06.2015 19:07, Peter Khramov

If the puncture, it can be seen, yes ...

21.06.2015 22:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yes, Peter. It's an easy and correct needle in general.
There she had two drawbacks:
1. Too short tip (not always convenient).
2. Too high a price, and it is necessary to have in the arsenal of a set of needles with different length and configuration of the tip for all occasions. Scary to think how much it will result .....(((
Here's one of my favorite hendmeydov for Krupnyakov butterflies and almost all the beetles which is convenient to work and the only thing that is purchased for the manufacture of 1 pin №3 :)
Little by little the collet taken, it served its compass (probably lying around the house many) + handle machined on the sandpaper of euonymus (very sturdy and light wood)which is growing in our woods :) Thanks collet can be easily and quickly change the sting on the essentials.
But how to make a thicker pin to her pinched collet - minute deal. It removed a piece of insulation from the wiring and podzhodyaschego instead of the core pin is inserted.

In .... I have a circle of "Skillful hands" to open))))

22.06.2015 3:01, Peter Khramov

Yes, Poles also have a needle with replaceable nozzles.
And about the homemade can be endlessly discussed. Someone is cheaper to do it yourself (and even like the case), someone's cheaper to buy, and to do nothing.

22.06.2015 9:42, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, from homemade in this case, there is a very big plus. It made a tool that will work itself "under his hand" so to speak.
I do not know: it's like someone. But I was always more convenient to work with his instrument: Hand over time get used to it)))

22.06.2015 9:55, Alexandr Zhakov

Homemade to store irrelevant. But the topic is very interesting, Basil, create a new topic and share their experiences. I think anyone would be interested. :))

22.06.2015 12:05, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, of course, an interesting topic might be)))
And always happy to share their personal findings and recommendations in this respect (something which I have).Not only that: recently even begun to earn a living, "fuss" with someone else's material)
Only here for one thing: the site are very few people working directly with the material: collection, raspravka, registration of entomological collections, etc. There are mostly photographers in nature.So, there is no assurance that the topic will be continued (((
While I am writing in places where questions arise in this respect.

17.07.2015 17:25, Peter Khramov

All users the end of July for cutting nets Entosphinx (pens, hoops bags) with 10% discount plus free delivery to VOD in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, Tver, Vladimir, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and Tula.
List of products:

31.07.2015 18:18, Peter Khramov

One thread of night screens or with the help of Japanese umbrellas in the near future is going to catch? There apupitelnye things.

31.07.2015 21:18, Shamil Murtazin

Show that there is about the night the screens ...

01.08.2015 15:07, Peter Khramov

Yes, show something of itself. I wonder if anyone goes somewhere in the near future to potestit. But, well, a couple of pieces already distributed, this is enough, the benefit of doubt tama already left.
How I do pictures - posted.The design was very stable, with neubivaemaya frame plus easy to carry from place to place, even in a fully assembled condition. Even for Japanese umbrellas are enjoying very surezno dyuralievy frame (no fiberglass Galimov). It is worth all of this for less sphinx.

01.08.2015 15:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, I would potestit, but prefer to use the classics: plain white sheet on ropes strung between two trees. Weight and volume of a backpack almost nothing, and that the effectiveness of the same. The main thing is to have chosen the right weather, time and place of fishing.Just a backpack somewhere Whatever walked / rode just need to save every gram of weight and volume of a cubic centimeter))

01.08.2015 20:03, Peter Khramov

Just backpack anywhere Whatever walked / drove need to save at every gram of weight and cubic centimeter volume
It is not true. Again we see only with his bell. But there are others. However, the test was still not Freestuff. Freestuff all set.

01.08.2015 20:32, Vasiliy Feoktistov

In fact, to bind to a preselected pair of trees a couple of ropes, and then stretched between the sheet over five clothespins enough ... Well, a maximum of ten minutes))
And with a backpack and on foot, you can go there - where not pass any car (including the most feature-rich and SUV).Butterflies do not care what fly: a white cloth or on this design: Believe.
I repeat: there are important external conditions. If successful then the conditions will be flying to the canvas and illuminated ordinary candle. Believe me; catching the light of the first year and not since the 'Net came home)
You excuse me for being climbed.Just in practice it is quite possible to do without this know-how.

01.08.2015 21:46, Peter Khramov

In fact, to bind to a preselected pair of trees a couple of ropes, and then stretched between the sheet over five clothespins enough ... Well, a maximum of ten minutes))
So what? .. It's you for what?

And with a backpack and on foot, you can go there - where not pass any car (including the most feature-rich and SUV).
And without the backpack even easier.And the grass is green. And the sky is blue. Basil, what was it?

The butterfly still on that fly: a white cloth or on this design: Believe me.
Well butterflies - this is not the Lord God. There is not need faith, and the results of adequate research.

If successful then the conditions will be flying to the canvas and illuminated ordinary candle.
I hope you do not conclude from this that it is necessary to shine a candle? ..

Just in practice it is quite possible to do without this know-how.
Basil, you can do without a lot of things. But not for all of it makes sense to do.

01.08.2015 22:35, Vasiliy Feoktistov

So what? .. That you what?
This is to ensure that the time will take no more (or maybe a little more) than collecting this design.

And without the backpack even easier. And the grass is green. And the sky is blue. Basil, what it was?
But it was the fact that without a backpack on the backs and on foot with equipment far from home do not move if there is no car.If you shove all their belongings away here already needs a backpack at least ..
And now in this forest man with a backpack is much more mobile than on wheels :)

I hope you do not conclude from this that it is necessary to shine a candle? ..
Bezuslovnono not make such conclusions: it would be foolish-if there are other, more contemporary sources.And earlier caught with a candle or something similar; there was no electricity yet. Look at the years to describe most types of :)

01.08.2015 23:16, Shamil Murtazin

Night screens so that I needed. The proposal was not very crisp. He was passing through Moscow. Tomorrow at lunch already flying.

02.08.2015 12:22, Peter Khramov

OK. As soon as the theme of the public, understand absolutely plain text:

Basil, you're talking about: just in a backpack somewhere Whatever walked / rode just need to save every gram of weight and cubic centimeter volume .
I say true. There are many options for trips with a rucksack where every gram vymerivat not necessary.Oh, and if you do not go, and go, and then even more so.

After that, you say, to bind sheets, a lot of time is not necessary. What's with the backpack can go where not drive a car. And so on and so forth. Where did all this come from - not znams, Bo has nothing to do with the previous deskussiey.Because I love you and I ask, what is it?

So much for our tutoshny discussion.

If you send in conversations sheet vs frame screen and Samodelov vs everything ready, like as everything here is clear that both options have their pros and cons. Or does not it obvious? Or it is necessary to spread out on the shelves?

02.08.2015 23:38, Shamil Murtazin

Peter, I now also in plain text. The screen for night fishing I need. I wrote about this many times.

03.08.2015 10:14, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Singing, and that the proposal on the screen? Where can I see the design, size and cost.

03.08.2015 13:25, Peter Khramov

In the near future we will try to crawl into a thread of the park to make a photo gallery, and then post the entire Old illustrations.

04.08.2015 10:18, Dmitriy Pozhogin

How long is all very you

04.08.2015 12:57, Peter Khramov

Long. On the other hand, to compare a ...

04.08.2015 13:17, Dmitriy Pozhogin

And why compare? Cyclists do not you invent! The taste and color ...- here will not please everyone - so show how it looks like and how much it costs, and then everyone decides for himself

04.08.2015 14:03, Peter Khramov

Dim, I do not mean that. I mean, by comparing "dolgost" especially and there is nobody here.

05.08.2015 19:50, Peter Khramov

Traps and screens: Foty is not in nature, nature will do later. For users sculpting discount on the screen 1000 rubles. Review provided on the site.

05.08.2015 20:34, Dmitriy Pozhogin

I can take potestit returning in February. full load within 15 days garantiruyu.kakoy her weight and dimensions of the transportable state

05.08.2015 21:14, Peter Khramov

If there is an instance, the banner, then put it off for you in the winter. Weight and size to measure and accomplish your goal.

05.08.2015 21:24, Peter Khramov

1450 and 75 cm (frame with a big step).

27.08.2015 23:27, Peter Khramov

There were bags of 40 normal and 50 cm (in white and khaki). And own a variety of cheap ethno nets. Because improper sold out:
Bag 30 cm white Entosfinks 250 rubles.
Bag 30 cm khaki Entosfinks 250 rubles.
Bag 30 cm khaki paradox 250 rubles.
Bag 65 cm white Entosfinks 450 rubles.

29.08.2015 16:10, Shamil Murtazin

Peter, I understand that the net for cutting should consist of two bags (external "security" and the internal "Stalker")? Why is there then one?

29.08.2015 16:18, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"Protective bag" usually just cut off with such a net (known people) because it is a burden and thrown away - in fact, he nafig not needed.
Apparently here the bag is good, durable fabric in which the protection is not necessary.

29.08.2015 19:35, Shamil Murtazin

What then unlike conventional truant? And on the water?

29.08.2015 19:49, Vasiliy Feoktistov

The fabric, the size of the bag, hoop, handle, etc., etc ......
In short in many respects.
Shamil, read the literature (old Soviet): everything is painted like that, but how to make their own hands :)

23.09.2015 9:51, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Nearing closing of the hunting season and the start of the season unfolding))) What is it we want to please the naturalist?

23.09.2015 12:05, Peter Khramov

Naturalist will appreciate the opening of a separate specialty store for users

23.09.2015 14:35, Dmitriy Pozhogin


23.09.2015 15:24, Peter Khramov

I think weeks and a half or two.

08.10.2015 14:37, Dmitriy Pozhogin

And two and a half passed))))

09.10.2015 20:25, Peter Khramov

There is such a thing podzaderzhivayus.

22.11.2015 19:12, Peter Khramov


22.11.2015 21:42, Shamil Murtazin

the tent (light traps) still do not have the size of the bag and there is no weight of the entire set.

22.11.2015 23:07, Peter Khramov

In the near future I will add Old.

23.11.2015 14:50, Peter Khramov

He Added. The only thing necessary to be even more precisely poperchenik measure. If there are changes - reported. And with the weight and length of all spelled correctly.

23.11.2015 18:52, Shamil Murtazin

Thank you, I think many will be defined.

21.12.2015 8:41, Shamil Murtazin

Peter, I plan to buy "tent" by February 2016. If they are not very much - Book me one. While I can only make some money, not completely. Thanks in advance.

21.12.2015 23:43, Peter Khramov

Shamil said into the phone. If you have any more questions - ask.

06.05.2017 17:25, Shamil Murtazin

Посоветуйте сачок для кошения =)

06.05.2017 20:13, Evgeny Komarov

Шамиль, для кошения основная проблема в мешке. Я очень много косил - может не компактно и в какой-то степени неудобно, но мешок делал всегда из х/б простыни :). Есть стандартный вариант - конус на конце с отверстием, в котором вшито металлическое кольцо. При кошении на кольцо надеваем опять же мешочек с затягивающейся горловиной (надевается на кольцо) и косим. Затем снимаем аккуратно мешочек с конуса, затягиваем горловину и в банку с этилацетатом (парами естественно). Через 10-15 минут можно спокойно разбирать приморенный улов. В этом варианте ничего не разбегается и не разлетается, да и разбираешь с уверенностью, что ничего из мелочи не пропустишь. Такое в продаже не видел - чистый самопал. Ну а остальное стандартно, только обруч должен быть прочнее, чем у обычного сачка.

08.05.2017 18:50, Shamil Murtazin

Евгений, принял к сведению, спасибо. Теперь буду думать как в материале это всё воплотить =)

11.05.2017 16:46, Peter Khramov

Шамиль, да бери наш, чего уж там!

12.05.2017 17:06, Shamil Murtazin

Так "вашим" и машу пока... Раскручивается только он. Ибо не предназначен. Но пока справляюсь =) Поэтому и сколхозить надо что-нибудь.

13.05.2017 13:55, Peter Khramov

Дык дело-то не в мешке, а Евгений про мешок пишет, если я правильно понял.
От раскрутке — посади на винт или резиновое кольцо или металлическую типа шайбу, забыл как называется, у которой хвосты друг на друга находят. Они будут мешать раскручиваться конструкции.

13.05.2017 21:50, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"Шайба Гровера" такая шайба называется )
Но вообще для грамотной посадки на оную требуются значительные усилия закрутки.
Выдержит-ли само соединение, если постоянно туда-сюда раскручивать/закручивать?
Лучше использовать стопорную шайбу "Звёздочка" в этом случае, на мой взгляд :)

14.05.2017 14:13, Peter Khramov

Звездочка несколько хуже задерживает раскрутку. Но вообще, можно все варианты попробовать, стоят они копейки и продаются на одном и том же углу)

15.05.2017 8:38, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Хуже задерживает - это да.
Но стоит учитывать, насколько прочно держится в рукоятке та часть, куда прикручивается обруч и из чего эта часть сделана.
Может случится при использовании гровера так, что будет привёрнуто практически одноразово (((
Попросту: для того, чтобы сажать на шайбу гровера эта часть и сама должна обладать соответствующей прочность.

20.02.2018 0:00, Peter Khramov

На мартовской выставке будут новые интересные сачочки, полностью Made in Russia. Приходите посмотреть.

25.02.2018 14:56, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Спасибо, этот отпуск в Таиланде был угроблен китайскими сачками от Натуралиста. Я понимаю,- дешево-гнило. Но раньше мне китайского сачка хватало на поездку. В этот раз сачки ломались с первого взмаха. Через 7 минут ловли у меня ни осталось ни одного сачка ( было три).

25.02.2018 18:54, Alexandr Zhakov

Дмитрий, а кого ты ловил? Если тайцев, то ни чего удивительно. Если серьезно, то сочувствую. И интересно как ты вышел из сложившейся ситуации.

25.02.2018 20:18, Peter Khramov

Похоже, качество крепления обруча к ручке, зависит от партии ручек. Попробуем отсеять некачественные изделния. Но даже и самые лучшие из этих бюджетных сачков все равно оставляют желать лучше в плане надежности. Поэтому в течение месяца мы запускаем полностью собственное производство новых моделей, гораздо более надежных.

25.02.2018 20:37, Dmitriy Pozhogin

И интересно как ты вышел из сложившейся ситуации.
Пользовался китайской ручкой, которую купил на Али экспрессе)))Плюс я не один ездил. Помогли люди)))

25.02.2018 20:41, Dmitriy Pozhogin

25.02.2018 20:42, Dmitriy Pozhogin

25.02.2018 20:53, Alexandr Zhakov

собственное производство новых моделей, гораздо более надежных.

Петр, хотелось бы увидеть в магазине фотографии этих моделей с укрупненными фотографиями узлов крепления, и более конкретных характеристик: диаметр места крепления, если резьбовое, то длину и диаметр резьбы и др..

25.02.2018 21:03, Peter Khramov

Александр, фото и ТТХ выложим на сайте магазина, само собою, здесь тоже анонс сделаю. По резьбе будут варианты, совместимые и с энтосфинксом, и с китаем. Плюс будет резьба с антираскруткой.

06.04.2018 13:03, Alexandr Zhakov

Петр, насколько я понял по фото с ярмарки, ручки не телескопические, а на креплении втулками, как на веслах байдарок. Обруч сачка разбирается винт отдельно сачек
Ручка из 3 секций по 40 см плюс складной обруч 40 см с блокировкой открутки + длинный мешок 40 см = 2790 руб.

вразобраном виде имеет три сегмента ручки (внутри которых две подвижные втулки ), обруч с надетым мешком , и болт - минимум 5 деталей, это много. Но на 30% дешевле энтомосфинкса в Укране и наверное на 60% в России. у которых 2 детали, но сачек не раскручивается. :) Наверное да, но только конструкция, натуралиста. Ручки под М6 и М8 не функциональны, телескопы всегда лучше. :)

09.04.2018 18:58, Peter Khramov

Александр, на фразе "на 60% дороже", очевидно, можно было бы закончить сравнение, но я кое-чего все же добавлю к тому, что отметил ты.

1. На тот же самый обруч и палку сажается мешок для кошения и мешок для водного сачка. И эти связки нормально работают.
2. Если хочется надежности, на эту же палку сажается фиксированный трубчатый обруч. И эта связка тоже нормально работает.
3. Если хочется быстросъемности, на эту же палку сажается обруч, который снимается в одно движение. А еще у него есть коротенькая ручка, иногда очень даже актуально.
4. Если хочется меньше секций — можно использовать две или даже одну. Почему у всех палок должно быть три?
5. А три секции в дюралюминиевой ручке Энтосфинкса потому, что в телескопе приходится сильно уменьшать диаметр секций с каждым шагом. Поэтому конечная секция очень тонкая, средняя просто тонкая, а всего их 3. В нашей конструкции уменьшать ничего не надо. Поэтому все секции толстые и прочные и поэтому можно использовать не три секции, а одну, две или пять. Если же, вдруг, какая-то из секций была сломана, то она легче лечится в поле камушком (телескоп обычно ломается намертво), а если не лечится, то докупается всего одна секция, а не вся ручка целиком.
6. Если захотелось удлинить палку, то тоже можно докупить лишь еще одну секцию, а не отдельную палку.
7. А еще мы можем сделать секции практически любой длины.
8. А еще у Энтосфинкса есть палки нераскладные, фиксированной длины. И у нас есть. Разница в цене тоже хороша, но только в этот раз уже в плюс чехам записать практически нечего.
9. А еще у нас мешок сделан из более мягкой (и при этом прочной) ткани. А еще он длиной на два с лишним оборота (как принято в отечественной традиции), а не на меньше двух (как у стандартного чешского).

Но у телескопа есть плюсы, спору нет. В первую очередь — компактность. Плюс (в нашем случае) еще большая дешевизна. Поэтому у нас в ближайших планах заменить крепление обруча в обычных дешевых телескопах с пластика на металл, получится очень бюджетный вариант и при этом не такой плохой в плане надежности. Он будет отличаться от Энтосфинкса, но при разнице в цене в 2,5 раза и при условии нового надежного крепления... Для тех, кто захочет сэкономить — это ооой :--) Но это именно как самый бюджетный вариант. Соотношение ц/к же все равно останется за новыми моделями, которые целиком из металла.

Насчет М6 и М8 ты не прав. Люди, у кого обручи Энтосфинкс, вполне себе берут наши палки. И наоборот (хотя наоборот мы не особо расчитывали). Т.е. эти вещи хороши как запчасти. Но если брать сачок целиком, то, конечно, для большинства пользователей вариант с пазом будет лучше.

В общем и целом, для России наша новая линейка сачков — это очень даже здорово.

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