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Autosuggestions by synonyms and local species names when uploading new photos or editing previously uploaded photos

Community and ForumWebsite news and updatesAutosuggestions by synonyms and local species names when uploading new photos or editing previously uploaded photos

Peter Khramov, 28.12.2023 21:56

Earlier, when filling the "taxon" field in the photo upload form (or when editing "taxon" field of a previously uploaded photo), autosuggestions worked only for the main taxon name (full correspondence or incomplete correspondence) and did not worked for synonyms, genera combinations and local (for example, English) names. In some cases, this was inconvenient: for example, you upload a photo, enter an insect species, but this named is considered synonymous in the site database, and autosuggestions do not give the desired result. As a result, you have to look for the main name (as it is in the database of the website) and enter it, otherwise the photo will not be attached to the view.
Now, in the "taxon" fields, both when uploading photos and when editing, autosuggestions work not only for the main taxon name, but also for synonyms, genera combinations and local names. Now you can enter Aglais io, Inachis io, Nymphalis io or even Peacock Butterfly — autosuggestions will work, and the photo will be linked to the same species in any of the above cases of taxon indication.
Don't be surprised if you specify a more adequate version of the taxon name, but it is listed as synonymous in the website catalog. Don't wait for the curator will update the taxa system. Just link the photo to the website main taxon name, and on the page of this taxon (species or other) in the comments section write about your opinion (preferably with an indication of the source). In the future, the name of the species / other taxon will be changed, and with it the name of the species / other taxon for all previously linked photos, including yours, will change.

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